General Risk Liability Expert 520705 NY

Expertise Description

With more than 40 years of experience in Risk Management litigation, my areas of focus include premises liability, product liability, false imprisonment, and libel claims, as well as commercial, securities, contract, trademark, patent, and real estate cases. I have additional knowledge in Loss Prevention regarding premises liability, store safety, shoplifting issues, and evidence preservation. I am offering my services as a risk management expert witness and have provided deposition, testimony, and consultations for numerous clients.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have testified at numerous depositions, trials and hearings, including cases concerned with such issues as loss prevention practices and procedures, and lease provisions vis-à-vis landlord liability/insurance coverage.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes supervised, coordinated, and participated in the defense and settlement of hundreds of premises liability claims a huge apparel and accessories-retailer with over 550 stores in 44 states. I had the final word as to settlement and litigation strategy in hundreds of such matters. I have also given numerous lectures to Loss Prevention personnel on premises liability, store safety, shop-lifting issues, and evidence preservation (including email and electronic records) relating to such issues.

Relevant Experiences

I retired from the practice of law after 43 years at the New York Bar. I was the Vice President of Litigation at a major clothing retailer, and was directly involved in defending and preventing customer claims arising from accidents at the company’s stores nationwide. I was involved in defending cases, writing safety manuals, and counseling store personnel regarding safe display of products.

I practiced law as a civil litigator from 1973 until 1990 at two law firms in NYC. From 1990 to my retirement in 2015, I was the in-house attorney at a major department store chain in charge of nearly all litigation, and the only attorney supervising BSI’s premises liability matters. A nation-wide retailer such as BSI–c. 550 store locations when I retired–inevitably encounters numerous personal injury claims every month, many of which entailed falling boxes during my tenure. I had supervisory responsibilities of these cases and was was personally involved in responding to discovery, negotiating settlements, and reviewing and revising important court filings. I testified in numerous premises liability cases on the company’s behalf, including many in the NYC metropolitan area. I also had writing and editorial responsibilities for their Loss Prevention Manual which was constantly being revised over the years. I also delivered numerous training lectures to their Regional Loss Prevention Managers on various aspects of store safety.

I was admitted to all New York State and federal courts in NYS in 1973 and to all such courts in NJ in 1994.


Degree Subject Institution
A.B. English Georgetown University
J.D. Fordham University School of Law