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Expertise Description

I have over 30 years experience in the mining and minerals industry specializing in engineering geology, mine exploration, hydrogeology, environmental geology, hazardous material characterization and remediation, as well as landslide & slope stability investigations. I am highly familiar with the exploration, development, and use of various industrial materials. I have extensive experience with behavior, value, and use of silica. I have prior expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Construction Defect, soils, ground water, and & land sliding; Debris flow & water erosion geohazards; Environmental – soils & groundwater, characterization; Environmental risk assessment & remediation; Mining exploration, evaluation, development & reclamation; Professional Standards of Care – Professional Negligence – Geology Engineering.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Investigation & mitigation of geohazards, faults, landslides, etc; Characterization of toxics in soil & groundwater; Mining exploration, development, reclamation, & valuation; Surface water erosion, containment & related issues; Construction defect litigation – concerning soils & groundwater; Professional Negligence & Standard of Care Issues in Engineering Geology, Environmental & Mining; Geotechnical & Environmental Assessment, Characterization, and Remediation of chemically-affected soil vapor, ground water, & soil; Investigation and evaluation of both superficial & deep-seated slope stability; Examination, exploration, valuation, and development of precious metals & industrial minerals in the U.S., Mexico, & Central America.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes: Associate Professor of Geology for 20 years.

Relevant Experiences

I am now spending the majority of my time doing distressed properties; and determining the cause of the distress/damage.  Then, once identified, utilize our broad range of experience to develop and devise a reasonable, yet cost-effective repair methodology that we know from experience will perform well in the long-term.
As you know from our discussions, MISSION regularly provides consulting, including the investigation and evaluation of distressed and alleged ‘geotechnically-distressed’ structures and properties, frequently concerning grading activity, slopes and slope stability, landslides, and subsidence, as well as the role of both surface and subsurface water in the overall system.  MISSION also frequently evaluates the nature, origin, and specific causation history by analyzing both the geologic evidence on the ground, in the subsurface by drilling, as well as using geotechnical instrumentation of various types.  Frequently, the use of historical topography, aerial photography,  as well  historical weather and well fluctuation information can provide key sources of proof or support to discover the ultimate types of distress causation.  The analysis of surface water flow, erosion, and drainage pathways (and their blockage) was key to unraveling a recent project where we were presented with a very curious problem of recurring slope failure in a slope area which exhibited little indication of its causation.  The analysis of both the changes in surface water runoff flow by analyzing historical aerial imagery through time (and its modification through time) was key to explaining the recurrence of slope failure and erosion at this large Inland Empire shipping facility.
Notably, MISSION has served as consultants and hundreds, and experts on many dozens of such projects.  We have also served as a third party expert, mutually selected by both parties, several of which were to evaluate and determine an appropriate repair for the remediation of an unstable hillside/landslide.  Significantly, MISSION has much experience with the actual and estimated costs incurred for the implementation of various slope repair methodologies.  Thus, MISSION is fully experienced and would seem ideally suited to assist the court and parties with this matter.  Notable clients MISSION has assisted with the evaluation of distressed properties, their evaluation and explanation, and the determination of appropriate repair methodology have included numerous state and local agencies (Caltrans, Cities, District Attorney’s Offices, Orange County DOT, etc.), along with numerous School Districts, Insurance Carriers such as Travelers, Zurich, AIG, Lloyds, along with numerous law firms, as well as private industry and utilities, e.g., FedEx Ground, Southern California Water, etc.

I have been mining since 1986, and am licensed as one of the Founding Members of Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration.  And, I have been working in the environmental and geotechnical fields even longer, where I was regularly retained by mining companies to conduct various activities – drilling, siting and installing groundwater production and monitoring wells, etc.; and for the past 25 years have been Principal Engineering Geologist of an Environmental and Geotechnical Consulting firm which I founded in CA. At the consulting firm, we regularly deal with groundwater contamination, and are familiar with the groundwater within the adjudicated basins in the San Gabriel Valley Basin. We did pit wall stability Engineering Geology, Production Drilling/ Exploration within the pit, groundwater quality sampling and analysis, etc.
I have 30+ years of experience dealing with landslides, I have evaluated thousands of slopes and landslides across southern California and beyond.  

Furthermore, I have worked on extensively conducting Debris Flow Susceptibility Evaluations. As well as serving as lead expert in roughly a dozen or more debris flow-related damage matters.  Three of these matters went to trial where I testified extensively as to the cause, conditions present, route, damages, intensity, etc. of the debris flows.


B.S.Geological SciencesSan Diego State University

Licenses Certifications

California Professional Geologist & Engineering Geologist
Arizona Registered Geologist
Oregon Registered Geologist & Engineering Geologist
California Community College Teaching Credential
Registered Disaster Service Worker

Awards & Affiliation

Served on State Licensing Board – Gubernatorial Appointee
A.I. Levorsen Award Recipient

Primary Affiliation

Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases