Geotechnical Expert Witness TX 0101007

Expertise Description

I have over 25 years of experience in the geotechnical field. My specialties include geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, geophysics, remote sensing, numerical modeling, laboratory and materials testing, forensic structural engineering, hydrology analysis, and drainage analysis. My areas of expertise include: evaluation of soil-structure interaction including pavements, foundation analysis and design, retaining wall design and analysis, slope stability and soil dynamics; geotechnical engineering and design; vibration testing, analysis and evaluation; pavement design and analysis; geophysical modeling including seismic, electrical and radar; geological modeling analysis; fault studies including HGS Phase I and Phase II investigations; geomorphological modeling; numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction and geo-structural elements; construction materials evaluation and analysis; groundwater modeling; hydrological and drainage modeling; specialist geotechnical laboratory testing including soil suction and triaxial testing; research and development; supervision and personal experience (field and laboratory) in construction material testing and observations including, but not necessarily limited to: 1) earthwork placement, 2) concrete and asphalt pavement placement, 3) drilled shaft construction, 4) compressive cylinder testing, 5) Proctor moisture and density curve derivation, and 6) placement of reinforcement in piers and concrete including pavements. I have provided consultations, courtroom testimony, and deposition for more than 25 years as a geotechnical expert witness.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Geotechnical/Constructed Facilities Group) Texas A&M University
M.S. Geography (Geomorphology) Texas A&M University
B.S. Engineering Geology Texas A&M University
B.S. Civil Engineering (BSCE) Texas A&M University
A.S. Engineering New Mexico Junior College

Licenses Certifications

Registered & Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arizona

Awards & Affiliation

American Institute of Professional Geologists, Certified Professional Geologist, CPG
American Society of Civil Engineers
Post-Tensioning Institute
American Council of Engineering Companies

Primary Affiliation

American Institute of Professional Geologists