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Expertise Description

I have more than three decades in the comprehensive practice of occupational safety and health, consulting, management, instruction, regulatory compliance, and emergency rescue services.
I am a University educated and board-certified safety professional (CSP-CHMM-CHST) representing clients in construction, general industry, petrochemical, heavy trucking and government.
I am qualified in state and federal court serving legal and insurance firms, government and private clients in civil cases since 2007.
I am a specialist in confined space entry, technical rescue, rope access, laboratory safety, hazardous materials, roofing construction, heavy trucking, hot asphalt paving, falls from height, forklift and aerial-lift operations, slips trips and falls, auto v. big trucks, worker training, fitness for duty, and OSHA-DOT-EPA regulatory compliance.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes 10 years of forensic practice, 100 + cases: 60/40 (defense/plaintiff), qualified as a safety and health expert in state and federal court.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes: bridge, highway, and roofing construction safety engineer – onsite safety support and inspection of commercial/residential construction, roofing installation, heavy highway, hot asphalt paving, and major pipeline and excavation contractors. Emphasis on worker safety; toxic exposure, architectural precast concrete, heavy civil, roofing, waterproofing, installation safety, training, and planning.

Safety Engineer – safe work oversight at construction, demolition, pharmaceutical, food service, industrial plants, biotech laboratories, and manufacturing; investigation of fatal and serious work injury involving construction sites, industrial plants, petroleum drilling, cargo tank motor vehicles, manufacturing; safety compliance related to fall prevention, confined space, hazardous materials, truck and mobile crane operations including rigging; forklifts, and aerial-lift use.

Utilities Safety Engineer– safety inspection during pipeline construction, atmospheric testing, confined space entry; accident investigation, and the standard of care for safety and health.
Commercial Fleet Safety and Training – evaluation of commercial motor fleet safety, management, training, new hire orientation, hours of service, driver fitness, substance control, distracted driver, substance control, DOT compliance, etc.

Emergency Response and Technical Rescue – evaluation of emergency responders and teams, explosions and damage cases, confined space rescue, high-angle rope operations, technical rescue standard of care, pipeline and tunnel rescue, maritime rescue.

Articles submitted by expert:

Unrecognized Confined Space Hazards

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes working at a private consulting firm specializing in the technical aspects of occupational health and safety.

Relevant Experiences

I’m a safety professional with three decades of experience in heavy civil construction, paving & grading, and projects using or involving drill rigs, cranes, pile drivers, and heavy equipment. In addition to my safety career, I also served as a Journeyman Union Carpenter and equipment operator. In the heavy civil construction trade, I was an operator and understand first hand the critical responsibilities related to proximity safety for heavy equipment operation to protect other workers and myself. It includes the hazards of blind zones, proper safe distancing, appropriate work apparel, drill zone barricading and perimeter safety, PPE, injury prevention, and tool specific hazard awareness.

In addition to my current (occupational safety and health) career, I also served in the construction aggregate, concrete, hot asphalt, and transport industry for over 25 years (Construction Teamster). The following list reflects noted NorCal quarries and batch plants frequented during my scope of operations (1982-2003):
• Granite Aggregates and Quarries (Bradshaw, Felton AC, Hwy 175 AC, Handley Ranch, Salinas)
• Granite Rock Quarries (A.R. Wilson Aromas, Quail Hollow Felton, Construction Materials Watsonville)
• Teichert Aggregates (Perkins, Grantline)

I have over forty years of heavy trucking, and commercial carpentry experience involving the loading, and unloading of construction materials including premanufactured doors and windows. I conduct accident control instruction and safety training in general industry and construction workplaces.

I have hauled pipe, lumber, poles, reinforcing steel, beams, concrete, cement, and other building materials throughout the 48 continental states. In addition, I served as a receiver for a large meat/sausage manufacturing company and the Rice Growers Association (RGA) of California, loading and unloading truck and shipping containers via Forklift.

In addition to my background in industry, I hold a bachelor of science degree (cum laude) in Occupation Safety & Health, and a graduate certificate in safety management from a major Southern California university. I serve my clients as a safety and health consultant and provide safety and equipment training including Forklift Train the Trainer instruction (Spanish/English) since 1999. I am fully qualified to opine on the standard of care for hauling, loading, and unloading of steel pipe and or beams. This also includes the protocol and safety measures relative to tie-down, safe removal of straps, chain, binders, and other means of cargo securement per the DOT standards. Commercial vehicles undergoing cargo offloading fall under the auspices of OSHA and state programs for general industry and or construction regulations.

I have full familiarity with cardboard packaging materials and fire prevention/protection technology. I frequently conduct on-site fire and life safety inspections of industrial warehouse facilities and am fully versed in the standard of care for fire prevention and California Fire and CUPA requirements.


Graduate Certificate Occupational Safety Management University of California
B.Sc. Occupational Safety and Health Columbia Southern University

Licenses Certifications

Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
Associate Safety Professional (ASP)
Certified Environmental Health and Safety Trainer (CET)
Certified Hazardous Matenals Manager (CHMM)
Construcüon Health and Safety Technologist (CHST)

Awards & Affiliation

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Primary Affiliation

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)