Herpetology & Natural Sciences Expert 525369 AZ

Expertise Description

I have over 25 years experience in herpetology & natural sciences with expertise in rattlesnakes, rattlesnake biology, "rattlesnake enclosure" technologies, rattlesnake behavior, envenomation, and realistic measures for reducing risk of snakebite: working with a risk management team to establish grounds, lighting, and signage. I have additional knowledge in endangered species of rattle snakes and violations of the Endangered Species Act. I have provided consultations and courtroom testimony for more than 20 years as herpetology expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have testified as an expert witness (on rattlesnakes) for the prosecution (US Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement) in a case involving a violation of the Endangered Species Act. 

Professional Experiences

I am a professional herpetologist who specializes in rattlesnake biology and have been actively working with rattlesnakes in the field since 1999. Both my master’s thesis and Ph.D. were on rattlesnakes and involved extensive field work. I’ve published dozens of articles in the peer-reviewed literature on rattlesnakes, have written several popular publications and a comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject. I have been envenomated twice in connection with performance of my duties. I am familiar with “rattlesnake exclosure” technologies, rattlesnake behavior, and realistic measures for reducing risk of snakebites. I’ve been issued state and federal permits to work with endangered rattlesnakes, have been contracted many times over by states and federal (USFS, USFWS) government agencies to conduct rattlesnake studies, have had multiple animal care and use protocols for working with rattlesnakes approved by federally mandated oversight committees.


Degree Subject Institution
Ph. D. Zoology Arizona State University
M.A. Biology University of Nebraska
B.S. Biology University of Nebraska

Awards & Affiliation

Professor of the Year – Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Rhodes Fellow – University of Nebraska at Omaha