Horse Exercise Equipment Expert Witness MD 522753

Expertise Description

I am an Equine Sports Medicine and Exercise expert witness with over 35 years of experience with a focus in Equine Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Equine Behavior. My expertise includes practicing modern, scientific methods of training and racing horses by utilizing exercise physiology, science of nutrition, equine behavior, farrier practices and modern rehabilitation. I have experience manufacturing high quality machines and equipment for horses being used at equine training and breeding facilities, universities for research, veterinary practices, and individual trainers. I have manufactured over 400 Horse Exercisers and 27 High Speed Treadmills, among other types of equipment. I am offering my services as an equine sports medicine expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes owning and starting 5 businesses over a period of 36 years. I built houses as a journeyman carpenter, owned the first American water bed store, trained wild mustangs for a research project, had game farm permit for owning wild animals, trained racing horses for the past 33 years, and also designed and manufactured Horse High Speed Treadmills and Horse Exercisers along with other horse farm related equipment for the past 23 years.

Relevant Experiences

I have been riding race horses since 1979 and have been at racetracks across the country and have witnessed the horses running off the track the same way they came on, which is quite often the Shoot, including my own.

Licenses Certifications

American Society of Equine Appraisers, Certificate
Licensed trainer in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and California

Awards & Affiliation

American Equine Sports Medicine Assn.
American Quarter Horse Assn.
American Appaloosa Assn.
Chamber of Commerce, Billings, Mont.

Primary Affiliation

American Equine Sports Medicine Assn.