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I have over 30 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. I have extensive experience in management, marketing, brands, brand management, product development, training and coaching staff, finance and corporate operations, as well as experience with training programs and quality-control systems. My experience further includes consulting with a broad range of foodservice businesses, including independent restaurants, private clubs, hotels, casinos, and multi-unit chains.

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As the former Chief Operating Officer for two national restaurant chains, it was my responsibility to define and enforce standard for cleanliness, maintenance, and ongoing crew and customer safety and security. As a restaurant consultant with twelve years of independent experience, I have been involved with a variety of foodservice operators. This has exposed me to best practices throughout the industry. I have dealt with permitting, inspections, construction, and ongoing preservation of all aspects of foodservice facilities. I am frequently engaged to create management systems to ensure ongoing cleanliness of restaurants, hotels, and production kitchens.

I have worked as a lead consultant with a variety of event related businesses. Examples include promoters, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and private clubs. I have worked with all aspects of these businesses including marketing, operations, and food & beverage service. I have worked with large corporations, tribal entities, and many small businesses. I am the former COO of a multi-unit restaurant company whose properties included catering and events in their regular scope of business.


Business Administration Finance/Accounting ConcentrationUniversity of Puget Sound

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Washington Restaurant Association

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