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Expertise Description

I am an expert in Hospitality Real Estate, having consulted internationally on hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants and other hospitality businesses. I have over 40 years of experience, and my services include financial and market analysis, operations analysis, valuation, property tax appeals, asset management, brokerage, and litigation support and expert witness. I have prior experience in deposition and testimony, over 30 years of experience as an expert and consultant.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I provided damage assessment, financial analysis and testimony in mediation, arbitration and litigation cases including business losses caused by mold infestation; faulty repairs by a building contractor; impact of the 9/11 attack on the management company’s ability to perform under the management contract’s force majeure clause; impact of tainted food on the restaurant operation; business losses due to earthquake damage that resulted in the shut down of a hotel; lease dispute due to the lessors failure to correct defects in the property; early termination of a management contract by the hotel owner.

Consulting Experience

I have performed hundreds of market and financial analysis of proposed hotels, hotels for refinancing and hotel acquisitions. I have appealed real property tax assessments and performed valuations analysis. I have assisted in helping to frame the structure of condo-hotels and helping the developer to understand the overall condo-hotel concept. I have performed numerous operational reviews of hotels and restaurants. I have brokered several hotels for owners in the U.S. and Canada. My ability to speak conversational Japanese and my understanding of the Japanese business culture has provided me opportunity to work with Japanese companies in the US and internationally.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience in the hospitality industry includes specializing in the real estate and financial aspects of hotels and resorts. I am an experienced asset manager, hotel manager, hotel broker, and consultant. My expertise also includes condo-hotel management and condominium associations.

Relevant Experiences

I have worked on several cases involving restaurants including the following:

The attorney for the plaintiff engaged me to analyze and testify to the lost profits incurred by the Hotel that resulted from rooms being out of service, disruption of guest services and temporary closure and relocation of food and beverage services and other interruptions and guest inconveniences caused by ongoing roof repairs on the Main building of the hotel due to continuing water leaks as a result of faulty repairs.

The attorney for Insurance Company (defendant) engaged me to assist in estimating damages as a result of alleged tainted food the defendants provided to the Resort.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Hotel Administration Cornell
B.Ed. Secondary Education University of Hawaii at Manoa

Licenses Certifications

ISHC (International Society of Hospitality Consultants)
CMC (Certified Management Consultant), Institute of Management Consultants
Licensed Hawaii Real Estate Broker

Awards & Affiliation

International Society of Hospitality Consultants
Institute of Management Consultants
Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association
Pacific Asia Travel Association

Primary Affiliation

International Society of Hospitality Consultants