Advertising Expert WitnessesUnited States District Judge Jon S. Tigar signed off on a $32.5M settlement that resolves class allegations against Uber Technologies Inc. The case is Byron McNight, et al., v.  Inc., et al.  (Northern District of California, No. 14-cv-05615-JST). reported that “As part of the deal, Uber has agreed to cease charging ‘Safe Rides Fees’ and to refrain from using statements like ‘safest ride on the road’ and ‘industry-leading’ when describing company safety measures in advertising. Under the terms approved by Tigar, all unclaimed funds will go to the National Consumer Law Center. 

Judge Tigar did not approve plaintiffs attorneys’ request for 25% of the settlement amount ($8.125M). He found that the settlement qualifies as a coupon settlement under the Class Action Fairness ActJudge Tigar wrote: 

The Court grants final approval of the proposed settlement and grants in part and denies in part Plaintiffs’ motion for attorney’s fees, costs, and incentive awards. Plaintiffs’ requests for incentive awards and $3,200.63 in costs are granted. Their remaining requests for costs and their motion for attorney’s fees are denied without prejudice. 

The advertising field is increasingly complexdue in part to the many advertising forms now available. These include print, text, speech, images, TV, radio, online, etc. Dissatisfaction by consumers regarding how a product or service is advertised can lead to litigation Allegations may include deceptive advertising, false advertising, copyright or trademark infringement, or other claims of unfair or deceptive business practices. When a company asserts that its product will do something but does not deliver on that assertionthe company may well have engaged in false advertising. 

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