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I have over 20 years experience in the field of Human Factors Engineering. My extensive experience includes user interface design, software engineering, user centered design, information architecture, user experience, systems engineering, object oriented analysis, complex systems, user interface, and modeling and simulation. I have prior expert witness experience.

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I am an expert in Human Factors, given my ability to fully analyze and design, implement, analyze, and understand the operation of complex machinery up to and including air traffic control systems, missile defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. I can act as both a testifying expert and a consulting expert. I have testified at 13 depositions, in state court, in federal court, and before the USPTO.

I have worked on a wide variety of patent litigation cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, representing Google, Samsung, Amazon, Dell, Motorola, Ericsson, HTC, Sony, Nintendo, GE, LG, and many others.

I have been retained over 55 times, I have testified at trial in both state and federal court. I have been deposed 12 times, written over 40 reports and declarations, presented at a Markman hearing and in front of the USPTO.

I have been designing and implementing virtual and augmented environments since 1988 and have designed and implemented a wide variety of software and novel interfaces in the areas of air traffic control, Army communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile defense systems, homeland security systems, two way pager systems, mobile portable phones, facial recognition systems, Android and iOS applications for smartphones and tablets, IPV6 internet routers, medical devices, and big data collection and analysis systems.

I have a Master’s degree (1990) and a PhD (1994) in Human Factors studying Virtual Environments which focused on the design of virtual and augmented environments for flight simulation and advanced air traffic control.

I have written 22 papers in professional journals with many of them on the subject of virtual and augmented environments.

I have authored a book chapter in the book related to virtual environments

I have written device drivers and custom software for Polhemus and Ascension 6D spatial trackers and developed one of the world’s first 6D spatial musical instruments.

I worked on a two-year project for Disney developing virtual environments for five different attractions Disney World utilizing Unity and C#.

I founded two medical technology companies, one that focuses on augmented reality for physicians and one that is creating a digital stethoscope that can visualize both heart and lung sounds.


Ph.D.Human FactorsUniversity of Washington
M.S.Human FactorsUniversity of Washington
B.S.Industrial EngineeringUniversity of Washington

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