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Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years experience in the field of Commercial / Industrial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and Refrigeration Systems. My areas of expertise consist of industrial electrical equipment and systems, security systems and security systems maintenance, power systems, HVAC controls, solar codes and standards, process cooling, temporary power, chilled water and compressed air plants, facility management, preventative maintenance, and non-destructive diagnostics, such as thermographic imaging, radiography, broadband, real-time radiography, vibration analysis, oil trend analysis, laser alignment, frequency and harmonics analysis, communication wiring, and voltage and current analysis. I have extensive experience with industrial boilers, steam piping, boiling, filtration systems and heat exchangers, as well as battery fires, and fire and explosion detection. I have 15 years expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Personal injury claims, claimant broke arm in an automatic gate; Diesel-powered generators; Burglar alarm claim – Forensic investigation concerning testing of an alarm system in several difference modes for functionality demonstration; Bad faith – sourcing rental equipment, calculating project cost including design, shipping, installation, rental cost, fuel and electricity for the project; Bus Duct fire – forensic engineering to investigate origin and cause of bus duct fire for a boiler and machinery insurer; Compressed natural gas explosion – investigation of operation and safety controls for the gas compression system Construction defect investigation; Hose failures; Vandalism and theft damage of copper piping and copper and aluminum components of a rooftop refrigeration system at a grocery store; Wrongful death concerning the control system of the HVAC and refrigeration equipment for a grocery store; Fire with a solar array on rooftop of store.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: Design and construction evaluations, and code compliance analysis; Management of a portfolio of operations / maintenance and facility management contracts; Negotiation of national account contracts with breweries, wineries, food processors, and refineries;Engineering services for temporary temperature and humidity control for a museum exhibit in Seattle; Design-assistance to optimize production and improve the quality of a gypsum wallboard; Design of portable refrigeration system for process cooling for a tomato cannery; Feasibility studies for and payback analysis for solar power photovoltaic plant; Inspection of thermal solar panel installations; Investigation of a fire involving solar panels at a residence on site inspection, code compliance, review of plans and specification, and non-destructive testing of the solar panels.

Relevant Experiences

I am a licensed electrical and mechanical engineer and I also have a Masters in Business Administration. I have investigated fires and other failures in solar panel systems.

I have investigated numerous insurance claims and cases where someone was injured by industrial equipment.

I have also investigated similar billing disputes regarding electricity, water, and natural gas.

I have extensive experience with Data Centers.

I also investigated a case involving an Internet Service Provider who had 2 or 3 cages at 1 Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles. 1 Wilshire is one of the major nodes for Internet traffic and is known as an icon in the data center world.
I have testified in court 3 times – all in California.  I have been deposed about 12 or 13 times.

I have extensive experience with commercial refrigeration systems, condensate drain pans, condensate drains, etc.

I have investigated about 30 or 40 lithium battery fires.

I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer and I have extensive experience in the HVAC Industry. My first job out of college was for a Mechanical Contractor that performed retrofits of air conditioning equipment and serviced air conditioning equipment.

I have performed engineering investigations of about 60-80 fires and explosions every year. One applicable standard would be NFPA 921, as well as other standards regarding pressurized containers.

I have investigated numerous microwave oven fires and other malfunctions.

I formerly worked for a company that manages energy costs in large facilities.
I have also worked on numerous projects every year at refineries, chemical plants, oil fields, gas separation plants, and petroleum storage tanks.
The National Electric code has very specific requirements for classified areas such as this.  All electrical equipment will have to meet explosion proof standards according to the classification of the area like Class 1 Division 1 (explosive vapors are present) or Class 1 Division 2 (explosive vapors may be present under certain circumstances).  Then you have to consider whether the vapors are heavier than air or lighter than air. If any work is being performed in this area, it must also meet the classification standards, including a job safety and hazard analysis and a hot work permit.
I also investigate about 60 to 80 fires and explosions every year.

I have done design work for similar areas – but infinitely more complex areas like refineries, chemical plants, gas processing plants that have many more areas for leaks and many more areas for fires and explosions and many more ignition sources for fires and explosions.
I am a licensed mechanical engineer and a licensed electrical engineer.  I also have personal experience using “Easy Ups” in windy conditions.  I have been involved in industry events at golf courses where a vendor I was working with had an “Easy Up.”  Again – this is a brand name and there may be other canopy type devices that don’t have the brand name “Easy Up.”  But they definitely have issues in windy conditions. It doesn’t have any warnings that I saw. I have set up these Easy Ups easily 10 or 20 times.

I have investigated similar claims about excessive water bills and it’s fairly straightforward. Water is billed in some type of unit – often 1,000 cubic feet or something similar – which has to be converted to gallons. 

I have extensive experience in HVAC and Refrigeration. I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer and I also worked in the HVAC contracting for over 20 years and dealt with a wide variety of HVAC piping for steam, hot water, chilled water, and condenser water.
I have worked on numerous high rise hotel projects (Hyatts, Hiltons, Holiday Inn, and Ritz-Carlton) along with numerous high rise condominium projects and high rise office building projects.

I have had a few of these losses with sewer lift stations and submersible pumps.

I have investigated numerous sewage pump failures in sewer lift stations where the pumps or motors were ruined by a bunch of disposable wipes.

I am very familiar with diesel engines – I worked for Aggreko for 8 years and we used mostly Cummins engines in our diesel generators.  I investigated 1 LNG tank explosion where someone lost their foot from the shrapnel when an LNG tank exploded.


Bachelor of EngineeringElectrical EngineeringVanderbilt University
Master of Business AdministrationConcentration in MarketingCalifornia State University Long Beach

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Electrical Engineer
State of California License
Mechanical Engineer
State of California License

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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