Internal Combustion Engines Expert 505631 AL

Expertise Description

I am a mechanical engineer, with over 40 years of experience in the field of internal combustion engines, specializing in diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies. I started my career in 1973 with a company where I gained valuable experience in engine design and development, before moving to the university sector in 1981. I developed research programs in diesel and natural gas engine technologies and taught bachelors’ and master’s courses in diesel engine technology, and advised graduate students at doctoral and masters levels in the field of internal combustion engine technology. In business, I have also managed the development of new technologies and innovation through small teams – processing to the leadership of a large global engineering organization with greater than 2,000 engineers. My leadership role in innovation and technology development, new product development and support has included managing resources and product development in both leading and emerging markets – most notably Brazil, India, and China. I was directly involved with almost every new engine and exhaust emission program from 1993 to 2014. These programs delivered successful engine designs with dramatic reductions of criteria pollutants, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) of over 98% to near-zero levels. I provided emission regulations promulgated by EPA and California. I have prior expert witness experience with consultation and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have been retained as an expert witness in a patent infringement cases related to diesel engine technology. I have since completed an assessment of the materials made available to me, and authored an Expert Report. A deposition is expected. I am officially the Person Most Knowledgeable (PMK) for a Fortune 500 company. In this role I have been deposed four times since 2012. In each of these cases the company was defendant. This work continues and I expect to be deposed in the future. I was first deposed in 2011 in a product safety case where the company was a defendant.

Consulting Experience

Since retiring in June 2014, I have provided several short consultations by phone. These have typically been as a subject matter expert in the field of diesel and natural gas engine technologies and related fields.

Professional Experiences

I have over 40 years of total experience, starting in 1973 where I first joined a company in the diesel industry. While there I studied for bachelors and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering and diesel engine technology. I also wired as a Senior Engineer in engine design and development. In 1981 I moved into academia, with faculty roles at two universities. In 1993 I was offered a position at a company in their corporate technical center where I led various engineering programs until retirement in June 2014 as Vice President and Chief Technical – Engine Business.

Relevant Experiences

I worked from 1993 in senior and executive roles. I led various engine programs – including the introduction of EGR in 2002 and the introduction of SCR in 2010. I have a Ph.D. in diesel engine technology and have worked in the diesel engine field for over forty years. I am a faculty member at a prominent university and spent 21 years at a Fortune 500 power generation manufacturer and distributor, where I retired as Chief Technical Officer.


Degree Subject Institution
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering University of Aston
BSc with honors Mechanical Engineering North Staffordshire Polytechnic

Licenses Certifications

Chartered Engineer (CEng), U.K. Engineering Counsil