Fraud, audit, auditor.In 2016 a New York Attorney General’s office investigated internet service providers over failing to deliver the connectivity speeds they promised. Earlier this year, the office sued Charter Communications and its subsidiary Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable. Spectrum-Time Warner Cable has 2.5 million subscribers in New York and the AG’s office has received thousands of complaints. The AG’s team reviewed internal corporate communications and hundreds of thousands of subscriber speed tests and found “Spectrum-Time Warner subscribers were getting dramatically short-changed on both speed and reliability…

As alleged in our complaint, our sixteen month investigation found that Spectrum-Time Warner Cable’s 2.5 million subscribers in New York were repeatedly cheated into paying more internet speeds the company knew it would not provide.”

“The AG’s investigation also found that Spectrum-TWC executives knew that the company’s hardware and network were incapable of achieving the speeds promised to subscribers, but nevertheless continued to make false representations about speed and reliability. The investigation further revealed that while Spectrum-TWC earned billions of dollars in profits from selling its high-margin internet service to millions of New York subscribers, it repeatedly declined to make capital investments necessary to improve its network or provide subscribers with the necessary hardware.”

The lawsuit charges the companies with failing to deliver the reliable and fast internet access it promised New York subscribers and seeks to compensate them for five years of fraudulent promises. Restitution could reach millions of dollars.

Fraud can take many forms. Fraud may be committed when a product or service is intentionally misrepresented. Contract fraud occurs when one party in a contract presents information to another that is incorrect or deceitful. The fraud expert witness has the education and credentials to analysis whether the defendant was deliberately deceptive in misrepresenting their product. These experts can help throughout the discovery process as well as in formulating a strategy for your case.