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Internet and Technology Expert WitnessesForensisGroup offers the vetted and highly qualified technology expert witnesses for litigation consulting to attorneys and insurance claims professions.

ForensisGroup’s internet and technology expert witnesses are computer scientists who have extensive backgrounds in the communications infrastructure of the Internet, or Internet Protocol (IP). The IP is the network layer in the TCP/IP protocol program. This is used to route packets of data from one network to another.

Internet specialists have a wide variety of responsibilities, and many maintain networks and web applications, troubleshoot issues, or create and implement database and network programming. Our internet and technology expert witnesses are fluently adept with internet technology, and understand the manner in which the Internet operates. They know Internet components, such as IP addresses, domain names, search engines, email systems, web design, and Internet security.

Aside from the technology of the Internet, our experts can also address issues that center on Internet censorship, security and surveillance, crowdsourcing, publishing, E-commerce, social media, and business productivity.


ForensisGroup is a full-service company that specializes in expert witness referral. Our experts have years of industry experience and can play a critical part in the outcome of your matter. Submit An Expert Request Form or call 1-800-555-5422 to retain a credible internet and technology expert for your case.


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