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Law and legal expert witnessesThe discipline of law, also known as the legal services industry and the legal industry, is comprised of lawyers, attorneys, law firms, paralegals, law librarians, and investigators. The largest part of this industry is in the private practice of law, working as solo attorneys, in small firms, or in regional or national law firms. Some attorneys practice in corporate law, the government, public interest, and the academic field.

Law and legal expert witnesses may specialize and provide expertise in one practice area or a range of areas of law, like civil litigation, criminal law, corporate, family law, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate law, or taxation.

The majority of a litigation attorney’s time is spent conducting legal research, writing legal documents, and interfacing with the court system. This can be through trials, hearings, and depositions—or filing documents and researching public records. Transactional attorneys spend more time with business negotiations, writing and interpreting contracts, conducting research, and meeting with clients. Many attorneys are admitted to practice in one or more states, as well as federal courts.

Lawyers are assisted by paralegals and other support positions within an organization. These individuals create boilerplate documents, conduct legal and corporate research, and manage calendars and client files.

Our law and legal experts assist in disputes that run the gamut from civil procedure and malpractice to zoning and property issues.

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