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Expertise Description

I have prior experience with liquor licensing, liquor license compliance, liquor law enforcement, safe alcohol service, and developing and providing safe alcohol training programs. My consultations further include findings, conclusions, and opinions regarding liquor license privileges, limitations and responsibilities, alcohol establishment ownership issues, alcohol policies and controls, risks created by irresponsible or illegal actions or omissions by licensed establishments, proper management policies and procedures and breaches by licensees, standards of care, industry standards, and alcohol laws. I have experience in conducting liquor liability risk assessments and developing safe alcohol policies for liquor licensed businesses, fairs, and special events. I am also experienced in programs, policies, and procedures of State Liquor licensing authorities. I have prior expert witness experience.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes underage drinkers at bars and nightclubs resulting in personal injury, personal injury of bar patron resulting from fall, negligence case involving restaurant illegally operating as nightclub, and protests against liquor license application.

Consulting Experience

My consultant services include Pre-liquor licensing risk assessment, Safe alcohol policy development, Assistance with liquor license applications, Responsible beverage service training, Expansion of licensed premises, Training for beer and wine wholesalers, Compliance rescue for licensees facing liquor license suspension, Feasibility studies for new alcohol business concepts, and Technical advice on California alcohol laws.


A.A.S.Administration of JusticeRiverside City of College Riverside CA
Skadron Business College San Bernadino

Licenses Certifications

Specialized Law Enforcement Certificates
California Department of Justice
Total Quality Management Certificate
American River College

Awards & Affiliation

LEAD Program received Eleventh Annual Prevention and Education Award
LEAD Program recognized by National Alcohol Beverage Control Association
Decoy Shoulder Tap Program received Innovative Liquor Law Enforcement Program of the Year Award
ABC law enforcement training video
ABC On-Sale Basics
won Communicator and Telly Awards
MADD California HERO Award

Primary Affiliation

Enforcement Association

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases