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Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years of experience in Loan Servicing & Administration with a focus in defaulted loan servicing, from early-stage delinquency to final disposition of an acquired property. I have additional knowledge of pooling and servicing contracts and the contractual obligations of a servicer. I also have expertise with investors and insurers/grantors, with in-depth knowledge of requirements, exceptions, time frames and curtailments/refused claims. I have also spent over 5 years as a loan servicing expert witness and have provided numerous clients with consultations and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes: Four years of specific oversight responsibility for interpreting pooling and servicing agreements and servicing contracts for over 1,900 investors; Four years specific responsibility for interpretation of MI Insurance Master Policies for major MI companies (MGIC, Radian, United Guaranty, Genworth, PMI etc.) Also responsible for MI Insurer relationships, claim denials etc.; Four years specific responsibility for the interpretation of CFBP/U. S. Treasury MHA initiatives and the de-composition of each incremental requirements for programs such as HAMP, HAFA, HAUP, UPB forgiveness etc.; Three years operational experience in executive management of real estate owned disposition tactics and strategies; Four years specific operational experience in executive management of defaulted loans, including subordinate lien loans and best operational practices; Two years internal audit experience in reviewing loan servicing operations; Six years executive management and involvement in foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation and short sales.


Degree Subject Institution
Coursework toward degree in Business AdministrationUniversity of California – Los Angeles

Awards & Affiliation

USA Today / RIT Quality Cup Award Finalist
California Mortgage Bankers Association

Primary Affiliation

California Mortgage Bankers Association