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Expertise Description

For more than 35 years, I have worked in the long-term care field which includes non-medical facilities such as Residential Care, Assisted Living, Home Care and Day Care Programs. I have been an advocate for improving community care for residents/clients/consumers, as well as care homes/facilities since 1985. Since 1990, I have been teaching, writing/publishing standards for the non-medical care and medical care industry.
I have consulted as an expert on cases in over a dozen states. I am familiar with both state and federal laws and standards. Over the years, I have authored more than 26 books on care facility standards. For several years, through American College of Community Care Educations, I was in charge of publishing the laws and state policies for homes for the elderly and developmentally disabled and day care programs. I have spent over 25 years offering deposition, consultations, and expert testimony as a long-term care expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have consulted on more than 200 cases. From 1990 to 1995, I only consulted on defense cases for care facilities. Since 2007, I my case load has been about 35% defense and 65% plaintiff cases. I have testified in court 3 times once in California, once in Arizona and once in Delware. I have had my deposition taken too many times to count.

I have consulted on cases that involved most of the largest corporate chains, as well as many small individual 6-bed care homes. I have written many court required reports, technical reports, questions for those being deposed and I have written responses to other expert’s reports.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes: Compliance help – especially when a care facility is in trouble with state licensing. Problem solving for an individual’s care or service need. Assistance with getting licensed and business set up. Assistance with state agency or regional center appeals. Assisting families in developing a home care plan.

I have served as an advisor on both state and national government workgroups that helped create the standards for the residential and community care industry. Some laws and regulations that I worked on in California include:

· RCFE Secured Perimeters and Dementia Care Standards

· R3 Fire Regulations for Community Care Homes

· Transfer Dependency and Bedside Care Requirements

· Death of the Licensee (family able to have time to get new license)

· Criminal Record Fingerprint Clearance through Live Scan

· Admission Agreement Requirements

· Home Health and RCFE Requirements

· Administrator Certification Requirements

· Family Subsidizing SSI

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes more than 5 years in the medical field and over 25 years in the residential community care field. I have audited over 1500 resident/client health care records. I owned a licensed 6-bed, 30-bed and a 49-bed residential care facility. I have a lot of experience in performing every job in a residential community care facility (assisted living), as well as being a family caregiver.

My care facilities accepted residents/clients that were elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill. For several years, I specialized in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. The 49 bed facility also provided day care services. For 10 years, my facility provided care to the county’s adult abuse victims.

As an assisted living community care expert, I have taught thousands of care providers over the years. I also taught the very first State required Residential Care Administrator Certification class in California and went on to certify over 1000 Administrators. As an advocate for the residential and community care industry and residents/clients, I clearly understand both sides of the issues at hand.


Degree, Subject, Institution
B.A. Equivalent, , Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrator’s (BENHA) program

Licenses Certifications

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA)
Certified Activity Director 

Certified Medical Assistant 

Registered Lobbyist 

RCFE, SNF, CCF Teacher