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Expertise Description

I have more than 45 years experience in the Marine-Petroleum Industry with expertise in helping clients understand and mitigate risk in chartering and operating petroleum tank ships. I have experience with voyage and time charter petroleum tanker operations, tanker inspection and vetting administration, due diligence review of tanker and barge fleet acquisitions, incident investigation and arbitration tribunal attendance, and harbor and export system project evaluation. I have additional knowledge of offshore petroleum production; major shipyard modification program management and quality control, major oil spill response, deep-draft marine petroleum storage terminal operations, and preparation of USCG approved petroleum tanker operating procedures. I have over 5 years expert witness experience with consultation and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes cases of alleged vessel overloading costs claims for an arbitration, wrongful time charter cancellation for arbitration, defense of claim for claw-back of freight payment, cargo loads from casualty, and the sinking of a Great Lakes ore carrier in winter layup berth.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes creating and conducting vetting manager training programs, inspection observations, providing advice concerning potential economic impact of offshore oil well blowout, creation of inspection protocol and checklist for time-chartered tankers, quality review and recommendations for barge fleet acquisition, project review for a new fertilizer import terminal, and cargo loss claims.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes Principal at a consultancy within the Petroleum industry, with prior experience as Vice President of Shipping, Manager of Marine Operations, Supervisor of Salvage Contract Operator, Marine Manager, Director of Terminal and Marine Operations, Assistant Professor of Nautical Science, Drillship Master, and Tanker Officer.

Relevant Experiences

I have several years of experience in the safe operation of the Riverhead, New York petroleum terminal, which included a barge berth exposed to storms from the west through the northeast. During that time, I prepared operating manuals for that berth and for two other company terminals which received barges.

In recent years, my consulting work has included advising on the development of, or inspecting, barge berths in the Great Lakes, Delaware River, St. Louis, and New Orleans. In each case, part of the focus was on adequate mooring capabilities and on contingency procedures in advance of forecast storm conditions.

I have over six years of experience serving as an officer on commercial petroleum and chemical tankers including direct interaction with Petroleum Inspectors.

I served as manager of a marine petroleum terminal including direct interaction with Petroleum Inspectors measuring cargo in shore tanks and on board tankers for five years.

While pursuing my Master’s degree, I worked on contract as a Measurement representative for a cargo insurance company. I directly supervised a company cargo representative group of five field agents for two years.

I was an internal expert on several million dollars of cargo loss and contamination claims, some involving misconduct by Petroleum Inspector personnel.

I supervised assignments of supercargo experts for pre-loading inspections and special cargo blending or discharge operations.

I have extensive experience with the safe transfer of petroleum between storage tanks and ships, but limited experience with loading trucks.
For three years I was the terminal manager of a storage facility that had several truck loading rack stations, and was familiar with the routine precautions observed in loading them at that time.
In each of these cases it is a matter of determining what the legal, regulatory, and best practice requirements were, and then obtaining the necessary documents to determine if they were or were not followed.  It is the old question of “what should they have done and when should they have done it”.  I am very good at doing that work.



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