Maritime Expert Witness CA 522242

Expertise Description

I am a Maritime expert with over 20 years of experience with a focus in boating accidents, vessel collision & damage & sinking, vessel operations & safety, seaworthiness, pleasure craft, yachts, jet skis, sport fishing, charter boat liability, boating captain & crew responsibilities, marine electronics & navigation, and boat equipment failures. I have additional knowledge in firearms and have worked as a firearm safety instructor and gun shop owner. I have prior experience providing my services as a maritime expert witness with consultations and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Experience

I have have offered my services as a collaborative marine research/outreach consultant.

Relevant Experiences

Matters of operation of outboard motors are a strong specialization of mine because my own charterboat has outboard motors so I have operated outboards on thousands of excursions over a 27-year period professionally and for most of my life before that as a boat owner or operator. Over those decades I have developed a feel for how outboards, binnacles (throttles) and instrumentation behave when functioning correctly and when developing a problem. Over my career I have never experienced an accident or injury aboard my charterboat because I am careful in my operation of the vessel and I am diligent about recognizing early-on when repair or maintenance needs to be performed in order to prevent potential accidents or injuries due to malfunctions. I can ask questions of the boat operator in this case which will help me determine whether the operator could have done something differently or whether the engine/binnacle/instrumentation was faulty.


Degree Subject Institution
A.A. Business Administration Rio Hondo Community College – Whittier Ca

Licenses Certifications

US Coast Guard:
Captains License (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel – unlimited tonnage).
Transportation Workers Identification Certificate (TWIC)

Awards & Affiliation

Outdoor Writers Association of California
Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) Advisory Council
CINMS socioeconomic work group
NOAA’s California Action Team