Maritime Law Expert Witness FL 526390

Expertise Description

I have over 25 years of consulting experience in maritime law with an emphasis in safety and operations. My expertise includes: complying with all USCG, ABS and ISM/ISPS regulations with respect to safety, lifesaving, pollution prevention, vessel security and dynamic positioning as well as Noble policies and contractor policies, overall safety of the rig as well as the safe navigation of the vessel while underway/making way and during DP operations; coordinating and working with representatives from above mentioned regulatory bodies during inspections and audits, ensuring all navigational equipment is maintained & improved as necessary; and actively mentoring the marine department personnel with respect to training, vessel operations and protocol. I have also served as a captain of all types and sizes of vessels. I am offering my services as a maritime law expert witness.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Marine Transportation Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Licenses Certifications

-United States Coast Guard License – Master of Ocean Steam or Motor Vessels of Any Gross Tons and O.I.M of Surface MODU’s on location & underway.
-Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator Full Certificate -Held IMO High Speed Craft Type Rating Endorsements as Master for the HSV “Westpac Express”.
-Held IMO High Speed Craft Type Rating Endorsement as Master for the U.S. Navy’s High Speed Catamaran “X” Craft/ “SeaFighter”
-Held IMO High Speed Craft Type Rating Endorsement as Master for the Swath International Super- Swath 4000 High Speed Passenger Ferry “Cloud X”.
STCW Certified in Basic Safety Training (which includes vessel familiarization, fire-fighting, life- saving and first aid and CPR)