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Expertise Description

I have more than 45 years of experience in paint and metal coatings, corrosion, plastics, pretreatments for metals and plastics, and intellectual property. I have extensive experience as an expert witness and consultant in these technical fields, and am a recognized authority on the technology. Most of my experience was obtained while working in R&D at Fortune 500 companies, where I developed and commercialized dozens of innovative products. I was awarded seven U.S. patents, multiple foreign patents, and have authored a book chapter and 50 publications in respected technical journals and conferences. I earned my Ph.D. in Materials Science with specialty in coatings and corrosion. I have testified in federal court, and at several depositions, including a 9-hour video deposition. As a technical expert witness, I am highly responsive, have outstanding integrity and efficiency, excellent written and oral communication skills, and unique ability to communicate complex technical topics into laymen terms.

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Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes cases of product failure, including: corrosion of painted aluminum on buildings, corrosion of metal coatings on roofs, manufacture of packets of solid asphalt, phosphate pretreatment of cast iron for air conditioner compressors. I also have experience with trademark infringement with plastic packaging, and patent disputes with conductive coatings on o-rings, plastic/metal laminate for automotive headlight assemblies, and plastic separators for lithium-ion batteries.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes fluoropolymer coating product development, nanotechnology such as coatings and plastic composites, multiple paint, metal coatings, and corrosion projects for various industries such as marine, automotive, construction, appliance, aircraft, furniture; and wood, metal, and plastic substrates. I also have worked on plastics additives projects like process aids and impact modifiers; multiple water-borne, solvent-based, and power coating projects; development of cleaners and pretreatments for metals and plastics; plastic and metal packaging projects; and, various new product and process development projects.

Relevant Experiences

I have a Ph.D. in Materials Science and 40+ yr in failure analysis of all types of materials, including netting material made of metal wire, plastic fibers (e.g. nylon rope) and cellulose fiber (i.e., like cloth rope).

I can test the mechanical properties of the failed material, and compare the properties to the material specifications to ensure compliance. I can also examine the failed surfaces to determine the reasons for the failure.

My experience was obtained while working in research and development at Fortune 500 companies. I was awarded seven U.S. patents and multiple foreign patents. I have authored two book chapters and 50 publications in respected technical journals and conferences.


Degree Subject Institution
Ph.D. Materials Science Lehigh University at Bethlehem
M.S. Physics Kent State University
B.S. Engineering Widener University

Awards & Affiliation

Forensic Expert Witness Association
American Chemical Society
American Coatings Association