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Expertise Description

I have over 50 years experience as a Laboratory Director specializing in mechanical design engineering, with an emphasis in all phases of industrial equipment and machinery design, vibration, including fans, blowers, motors, generators, engines, couplings, gearboxes, dynamometers and rolling mills. My expertise includes: troubleshooting of aircraft gas turbine engines and accessories, auxiliary power units, rotary wing drive gearboxes and gear trains. My expertise also includes: various motors, blowers, and variable frequency drives as well as ship propulsion systems, including diesel and gas turbine engines. I have additional expertise in troubleshooting, machinery malfunctions and failures, and machinery accidents, including accidents leading to extensive property damage, injury, and death. I have extensive experience in the use of vibration as a diagnostic tool, as well as high speed rotor balancing. I have experience with planning and executing heavy machinery lifts, evaluations of reinforced concrete foundations, and evaluations of fabricated machinery support structures, advanced vibration analysis and applications. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Failures of large and costly machinery; Evaluate failures in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) motors and fans; Identify cause for plant-wide factory explosion (combustible dust and motor sparking); Fan failures due to catastrophic vibration levels in large ventilating drive motors and fans; Cold weather troubleshooting of excessive vibration in large 20-inch natural gas valve and piping; Washing machine patent infringements.; Personal injury in an industrial machinery accident.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes: Design heavy lift plans and prepare installation instructions for installation of 20,000 horsepower motor-generator set; Correct design failures in HVAC motors and fans; Determine cause of steel roll mill motor and mill vibration; Provide professional engineer certification of certain hardware; Recommend repairs of large motors used to drill ship propulsion and positioning; Provide troubleshooting of air conditioner manufacturing; Troubleshoot vibrations in large HVAC drive motors and fans, and then engineer and install specially designed damper hardware to correct vibrations; Assess equipment and machinery condition at refinery; Troubleshoot vibration in a large natural gas valve, and then recommend new valve with corrected design.

Relevant Experiences

I am a Mechanical Engineer with considerable mechanical testing experience, which includes virtually all types of sensors. Much of my testing experience has been in the laboratory, but a significant amount has been in full-scale test cells, aboard various ships and submarines, aboard aircraft, and in remote locations such as pipelines. The machinery includes helicopter transmissions, diesel and gas engines, turbine engines, and various compressors, blowers, and the like.

I have conducted several ship machinery troubleshooting contracts for the US Navy, which have taken me to Oahu on occasion.

I have worked for TECO Westinghouse, which has manufactured portions of wind turbines. My interest areas were various portions of the generator, including the bearings and the controls.

I have been trained in welding, both arc and gas types. I have both wire and stick welders in my workshop. Also, I have studied machine safety for a number of years. Moreover, my experience in troubleshooting of a range of machinery and equipment types allows me to quickly come up to speed on new requirements.

I have personal experience with very large, slow speed engines used in ship propulsion. Also, I have experience with smaller higher speed engines (V-16) used for generation of electric power aboard US Navy surface combatant ships.

My carbon brush experience comes from two main areas of experience: 1. Working at a Motor Co as manager of new product development, and later as director of engineering. In these positions, I was directly and regularly involved with the day-to day work of about 75 engineering and technical staff, on design, development, and testing of carbon brushes and their holders on a wide range of motors and generators; 2. Working as an independent consultant on a range of troubleshooting projects involving carbon brushes in motors and generators.

I have worked with many types of heat exchangers during my career – units designed to extract heat from one flow stream and remove it via a second flow stream. Among the types of heat exchangers I have assisted in designing and evaluating are intercoolers used to heat incoming combustion air prior to the air entering a gas turbine, with the heat being extracted from one or more points in the turbine’s compressor.

Much of my career work has been done as a Consultant, with the majority of my efforts during the last 8-10 years being provided in the capacity of Expert Witness.

I have testified at some 10-15 depositions in a wide range of cases, and have testified in court (Delaware) for several hours in a patent case involving infringement of patents dealing with design of front-load washing machines. The key skill area which allows me to support such a wide range of cases is Machinery Design. Although each machine addressed may be unique in some respects, this key skill area allows me to understand components and functions in virtually any mechanical device, with but a few hours of detailed examination.

My experience with threaded joints includes analysis and assessment of the threaded connection between a tank and a regulator in a high-pressure oxygen environment, on the small side. I have designed and specified threaded joints of one kind or another for most of my career. Also, I have investigated thread-related equipment failures in a number of applications. However, although I have worked with the ASME spec mentioned, I do not consider myself a pipe-thread-only specialist.


PhDMechanical EngineeringCornell University
MSNuclear EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology
BSMechanical EngineeringRutgers University

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New York Professional Engineer

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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