Medical Biling Expert 18334 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have over 40 years experience as a professional nurse. My areas of expertise include review and summary of medical records, assessment of damages and liability, medical bill review, and audits related to organizational compliance. I have experience in elderly care, elder abuse, personal injury, professional negligence, and product liability issues. I have more than 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: improper venipuncture technique; fall with fractured wrist; nursing negligence – quality of care deficiencies; validate hospital charges; usual and customary fees; fall with fractured knee; pulmonary emboli; project future surgical costs; verify codes, diagnosis, charges; elder abuse, fall with fractured hip; lewd act (indecent exposure); fall from wheelchair; dehydration, skin lesions; fact chronology; standard of care; bill review.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include: demonstrative evidence and medical tutoring; medical – legal investigations; summary of medical records and assessment of damages / liability; peer review literature searches; risk control consultations; inservice education coordinator; quality care evaluation coordinator.


Bachelor of ScienceBusiness AdministrationCalifornia Coast University
Associate in ArtsMt. San Antonio Junior College

Licenses Certifications

Licensure as R.N.

Awards & Affiliation

Primary Affiliation

American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases