Medical Patent Law Expert 519871 AL

Expertise Description

As a patent law expert witness, I have more than 5 years experience as a physician, attorney, and acupuncturist, specializing in health care financing and regulation, intellectual property, and public health. I have additional experience in the challenges big data and artificial intelligence pose to patent law; the role of comparative effectiveness research in drug regulation; and the intellectual property implications of innovations related to human biological processes. My career also includes offering my services in Southern California as an expert witness with consultations and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have several years of experience working as an expert witness on a variety of medical and legal topics. I have testified at trial in federal court and have survived multiple Daubert or Frye type motions. I have served as a medical expert witness in a high profile case involving alleged synthetic cathinone (bath salts) intoxication for which I testified in federal court in January, 2014. I have served as a medical expert witness for issues related to standards of care in psychiatric practice, issues related to cause of deaths, CPR, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Consulting Experience

I have served as a consultant on health care financing and regulation, intellectual property, and public health for international organizations, academic institutions and private enterprises including the World Health Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization. I have published widely on issues associated with health care law and intellectual property in legal, medical, and scientific have worked as General Counsel and Medical Director at a Los Angeles based biotech company developing new therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease. As a physician, in addition to working as a Medical Director, I have worked as a primary care provider in the San Fernando Valley, and as an attending physician at a Correctional Facility. I have also worked Of Counsel at multiple law firms in the Los Angeles area.

Professional Experiences

I haver worked as a Professor of Law and Health Sciences at a university law school and have also spent time at another university as an Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Relevant Experiences

I have published peer-reviewed articles on FDA labeling, but predominantly with drugs and dietary supplements. So, FDA experience and particularly on the drug development end.


M.D. University of California San Diego
J.D. Yale Law School
M.T.O.M. Emperor's College
B.S. University of California Los Angeles

Licenses Certifications

Physician – California License
Attorney (Esq.) – California Bar, New York Bar
Patent Attorney – United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Awards & Affiliation

Medical Affairs Committee
Valley Community Clinic Board of Governors
Judge Paul R. Michel Intellectual Property American Inn of Court

Primary Affiliation

Medical Affairs Committee