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Expertise Description

I have over 15 years experience in metallurgy with expertise in the welding metallurgy, failure analysis, construction, and mechanical/refractory quality control. I specialize in quality control management for mechanical piping/vessels and refractory installation, and also in failure analysis and microstructure/property relationship for weld metal/joints for a wide array of industries. I have additional knowledge in determining the fracture mode through the initial failure assessment and gathering supporting evidence through photography, electron microscopy (SEM / EDS), metallurgical / chemical characterization, and mechanical testing. I have prior experience providing my services as a metallurgy expert witness.

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Relevant Experiences

I hold a Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Material Engineering with a specialty in welding. I have over 15 years of welding metallurgy experience that includes both research and industrial applications. During my professional career I have been involved in metallurgical sample preparation, mechanical testing and procedure development, NDE, quality control and assurance for welding of piping systems, failure analysis including root cause investigations, and weld procedure development/review to compliance codes and safety standards (e.g. API, ASME). In addition, I have provided educational courses on fundamentals of welding metallurgy for the welder and non-welder. My expertise encompasses the understanding of metallurgical characteristics of welding, which have been applied towards the petroleum, oil and gas, chemical, power, and pipeline construction industries.


Degree Subject Institution
Ph.D. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Colorado School of Mines
M.S. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Colorado School of Mines
B.S. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering South Dakota School of Mine and Technology