Naval Engineering Expert 501643 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have more than 40 years experience in the field of Forensic Engineering with expertise in Naval Engineering and Gas Turbine Engines used as prime movers. I have experience with engine management, operations and maintenance of diesel engines, firefighting equipment operations and their installation; engine exhaust emission control devices and systems testing including diesel, natural gas, dual fuel (diesel and natural gas), and gasoline fueled engines. I have over 20 years expert witness experience with consultation and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: a case that alleges gasoline fuel quality has caused a generator mounted in an RV to prematurely fail; investigate a rental box truck inadvertently going into reverse resulting in the driver being trapped between the truck and a car and breaking one of his legs; investigating an allegation of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and other potential hazardous fumes from an auxiliary diesel generator and other equipment installed in a large mobile dental van; marine engine aftercooler assemblies and the ingestion of metal contaminates and sea water by the engines resulting in premature failure, and Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Misappropriation (black box agreement).

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes Founder, CEO and President of a company selling automotive security systems; with prior experience as Manager Special Projects at more than one company, Project Director, Systems Engineering Special Projects, and Gas Turbine Systems Chief.

I have many years of experience in power generation with prime movers such as the GE LM2500 and the Allison 501K gas turbine generators and diesel engines, dual fuel generator sets and natural gas fueled generator sets.

Relevant Experiences

I have studied the maintenance and reliability and tested many of the exhaust emission devices and their control systems used on all types of engines including diesel, natural gas, dual fuel & gasoline engines. I also have experience in pressurizing tanks and compartments on ships and yachts. Applications have included automotive, heavy equipment, marine and in research and development. I have also studied and worked with the SCAQMD & EPA requirements.


Military Course Work

Licenses Certifications

Awards & Affiliation

Marine Propulsion Networking Group
Middle East & Africa Due Diligence
Risk Investigation & Compliance
National Association of Fire Investigators

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Professional Forensic Engineers

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