Personal Injury Expert WitnessesGlenn Richardson sued MGM Resorts International for $35M in a negligence lawsuit following his injuries at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in 2015. Richardson turned down the $2.5M settlement offer from MGM before the case went to trial. At trial, plaintiff’s attorney Adam Breeden argued that Richardson suffered a traumatic brain injury which impacted his career as well as spinal and knee damage requiring surgery. Breeden asked the jury to award Richardson $10M for past pain and suffering, $20M in future pain and suffering, and $2.1M to cover lost wages and medical expenses. Included in the complaint was $3M to Mrs. Richardson for past and future loss of consortium. Richardson was awarded $524K by a Las Vegas jury on November 19, 2018.

The calculation of damages in a personal injury case considers the amount the plaintiff would have earned during the time left in a normal working career. Damages may include medical costs to date as well as future costs for medical care. In Glenn Richardson v. Mandalay Corp., the Clark County District Court jury agreed with the plaintiff that MGM failed in its duty of care in setting up the sign at the hotel, but disagreed on the seriousness of the plaintiff’s injuries. As a result, Richardson was awarded a small percentage of what he argued for.

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