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Expertise Description

I have over 25 years experience working in the field of Neurology with expertise in Clinical / Forensic Neurology and Clinical Drug Development research. I have conducted over 1000 Independent Medical Examinations, Fitness for Duty Examinations, Disability Examinations, Peer Reviews, and Medical Record Reviews. I have also been a medical director in the pharmaceutical industry and involved in the development of drugs for neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, and Downs syndrome. I have also spent more than 15 years as a neurology expert witness in Arizona and Florida and have provided numerous clients with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

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Consulting Experience

I have acted as a Consultant in the Pharmaceutical Industry by offering expertise in various medical functions related to providing strategic and operational support for early and late phase Drug development, Medical Affairs and Business Development. I have also acted as a Consultant in Forensic Neurology by conducting independent medical examinations for Workman’s Compensation and Personal Liability.

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes working out of my own practice. My areas of expertise in clinical neurology include: concussion and traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, post-traumatic headache, epilepsy and post-traumatic seizures, cervical strain/whiplash, discogenic disease in cervical and lumbar spine, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral nerve injury, soft tissue musculoskeletal injury, traumatic spinal cord injury, toxic exposure / neurotoxicity, catastrophic injury, electrical injury / electrocution, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), and product liability issues injurious to the nervous system.


Degree Subject Institution
M.D. University of Tel Aviv Sackler School of Medicine
Ph.D. Kinesiological Sciences University of California
M.S. Kinesiological Sciences University of California
B.S. Kinesiological Sciences University of Maryland

Licenses Certifications

Active Medical Licensure: Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Florida.
Certification, Principal Investigator

Awards & Affiliation

American Academy of Neurology
American Association of Neuromuscular Diseases and Electrodiagnostic Medicine
American Association of Clinical Physicians

Primary Affiliation

American Academy of Neurology