When do you need to hire a construction defects expert witness? Construction defects expert witnesses are called upon to opine and testify on many facets of construction, including defects in engineering design, poor framing, foundation defects, and building code violations.

Miami’s urban center is experiencing an unprecedented building boom. In a Miami construction court case, a development group and its contractors are being accused of extensive construction defects at the South Beach luxury condominium 321 Ocean.  Miami’s building boom in the downtown Miami/Brickell area has resulted in skyscrapers dubbed “vertical towers.” Thenextmiami describes “twenty new towers that will be rising vertically.”

The 321 Ocean Condominium Association sued the development group’s entity 321 Ocean Drive LLC the architecture company, general contractor, and other companies involved in building the twenty-four unit beachfront complex in Miami. The lawsuit alleges massive construction defects in the common areas, individual units, the roofs of the complex’s two buildings, and the garage.

Also in the downtown Miami/Brickell area, the buyer of a four-bedroom luxury unit at One Ocean has sued developer related, general contractor, the architect and subcontractors for allegedly failing to fix numerous defects.  Alleged defects include improperly installed light fixtures and shower doors, a nonworking spa pump and two parking spaces that are too small. In May 2019, the condo association filed a separate complaint alleging cracked stucco walls and ceilings, as well as defective balcony railings.

Failing to comply with necessary building codes may result in construction defects and ensuing litigation. The construction defects expert witness is called upon to offer an expert opinion on the possible source of the construction defect. This may involve construction employees, general contractors, construction management, construction inspections, or other construction entities. Hiring the construction defects expert witness best suited to your case is instrumental in presenting the best argument for your client. Contact ForensisGroup to be connected with a highly qualified construction defects expert witness.