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Expertise Description

I have over 35 years experience as an electrical/general contractor, electrical inspector and consultant specializing in audio, electrical, and construction issues, as well as lighting design. My expertise includes: audio systems (noise level / sound analysis, usage); computer networks; construction defects (cost analysis; inspections, investigations); electrical codes and compliance; electrical inspections; environmental noise analysis; lighting (design, installation, event lighting, product analysis, UL labeling / listings); exterior and public area lighting issues (sidewalks, stairways, streets, walkways); and lighting for events (art, architectural, theatrical). I have prior expert witness experience with consultation, depositions, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience: electrical systems; lighting system installation and adequateness, electrical installation; street, sidewalk and common area lighting, product fixture codes, usage adaptations; interior, exterior lighting, electrical system, slip and fall issues; walkway lighting, homeowner electrical system damage, labeling, code & permit compliance; rooster noise dispute, environmental noise analysis; ship lighting fixtures issues; slip and fall issues; audio, environmental sound analysis; audio analysis, real estate and property valuation; exterior light fixtures, design, installation, UL certification, maintenance; wrongful death.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services: Construction defects, building inspections, electrical systems design, audio systems, inspection and cost estimation, project coordination, multimedia presentations, lighting design; Design consultations, facilities, outdoor public events; Television and stage specialities; Construction defect analysis, design, evaluation and testing of electrical systems for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, HOA's, assembly halls, theaters, museums, and galleries.

Relevant Experiences

I have extensive expertise in the performing arts and production field both from academic and commercial production. I have stage managed professionally in the arts and dance fields as well as designing lighting and sound for shows. I currently manage and produce several small and large events in Los Angeles. Part of my expertise is in selecting, producing and overseeing iconic events and production companies. I also have a master’s degree in Drama and Design and am licensed as a General Contractor and Electrical Contractor.

My expertise with building code compliance and safety, includes my experience in the building field as a general contractor for over twenty-five years. I was also the division risk manager at a major university as well as at the Smithsonian Institution. For litigation, I have worked on over half a dozen cases in the last several years involving slip and falls, usually regarding staircases, steps, ladders and railings. I have also worked on one case involving a pool deck.

My expertise includes case work on lighting analysis with exterior field conditions involving low light and egress issues. I've worked on a number of cases involving slips, trips and falls due to inadequate lighting including one involving a Napa venue. Additional cases have involved restaurants, night clubs, stages and institutional facilities with lighting concerns as well as steps, staircases, patios and pool decks with code issues.

My experience includes work in the theater, television and film industries during the 1970’s and 1980’s with some recent work in the past several years. The work included both grip and gaffer responsibilities. I had worked for an independent tv operation in 1972 and 1973, and a film company doing lighting and grip work, then with a PBS television station in 1974 and 1975. In addition, in the early eighties, I worked with TTF Lighting in Washington D.C. included film and television projects.

I have worked on one cell tower, but also on a number of tower antenna projects and suspended art work. I have also been certified as a rigger.

I have worked on numerous lighting cases involving both plaintiff and defendant. I’ve performed light level measurements and code review for compliance for restaurants, businesses and institutions, interior and exterior. Some of these clients have included resorts in California and Las Vegas. As a licensed general and electrical contractor, I also have expertise in building and electrical codes which occur in many of these cases. For one case, I determined the shadow effect and visual contrast for the entrance to a large box store. For another, I calculated the astronomical angle of the sun and shadows for a historical date. My professional lighting work includes restaurants, commercial buildings, residential properties and the entertainment fields.

My expertise includes many years of experience in the performing arts as a designer and technical director. During the course of my career, I’ve designed and installed both temporary and permanent stages, produced events with rented stages and has been an expert in a number of cases involving stage mishaps. I have been involved with the Tournament of Roses for many years in overseeing production setups, seating and fire marshal compliance. I am also qualified as a general contractor and hold a master’s degree in theater.


Master'sDrama / Lighting Design & Technology West Virginia University
Bachelor'sTheater & Design

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International Association Electrical Inspectors

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