Nursing Expert Witness CA 0102003

Expertise Description

I have worked in the field of nursing for over three decades. I have experience in clinical nursing; ICU & Emergency Room nursing; Emergency Medical Services (EMS); medical forensics; blood sampling (phlebotomy); DUI cases; physiologic intoxication issues; venipunctures. I have expert witness experience. I have spent more than 5 years offering courtroom testimony and consultations as a nursing expert witness.

Areas of Expertise


Degree Subject Institution
A.D.N. Registered Nurse Evergreen Valley College
B.A. Human Biology Stanford

Licenses Certifications

CA Registered Nurse
CA Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (FCC Technician Class)

Awards & Affiliation

CA Assoc’n of Licensed Private Investigators
International Association of Forensic Nurses
Life member, Stanford alumni association
Life Member, California ScholasticFederation
2011 CALI professional scholarship winner

Primary Affiliation

CA Assoc’n of Licensed Private Investigators