Occupational Safety ExpertThe occupational safety expert is trained to evaluate workplaces with various hazards. These experts are knowledgeable about hazardous materials, construction safety, accident prevention, OSHA requirements, and more.

The 2,600-foot-long Liberty Bridge in Pittsburg was undergoing an $80M reconstruction project when a fire broke out that risked collapsing the downtown structure. OSHA experts examined the site and found that workers had not followed fire safety measures. A preliminary investigation suggests that fire sparks from a worker cutting steel ignited plastic materials at the reconstruction site.

Construction workers are required to follow OSHA requirements and when welding or using torches, National Fire Protection Association rules also apply. The NFPA codes and standards are designed to minimize the risk and effects of fire.

Occupational safety experts are experienced in OSHA and NFPA codes. They are able to report and testify in litigation regarding a lapse in safety procedures. When a construction accident results in an OSHA lawsuit, the occupational safety expert witness is critical in evaluating the evidence and delivering knowledgeable and unbiased testimony.