Oil And Gas Petroleum Engineering Expert 159813 CA(S)

Expertise Description

I have 30 years experience with petroleum engineering and oil / gas operations. My expertise includes oil and gas production, drilling, and exploration industry in California, Texas, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and the Middle East. I have prior expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Oil and gas production issues; Oil production operational and safety issues; Oil and gas company patents; Property evaluation; Oil and gas drilling issues.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes: Oil and gas operations, Oil and gas drilling, Oil reserves calculations, Oil property valuation, Project economics.

Relevant Experiences

I spent extensive time working with crude oil pipelines in both operations and maintenance. I have over 30 years of worldwide experience working in the oil industry. I am very familiar with the challenges of working with asphaltenic crudes. My work with asphaltenic and other heavy crudes have given me great familiarity with drag reduction agents and their usage. I’ve had previous experience with other patent cases and understand working with issues of obviousness and anticipation. I am knowledgeable about the IPR process and put together expert declarations for patent cases. I have given trial testimony and depositions for patent cases as well as many other type cases related to the oil industry.

I am well versed in the transportation of oil and petroleum based products.  I have overseen the installation of product transfer stations. I’ve also supervised the operation of loading and unloading vehicles with oil and other petroleum products. I understand the issues involved in safely transferring products from tanks to trucks and from trucks to tanks.  I am familiar with industry practices in regards to doing such operations in a properly ventilated location.  I have had considerable safety training in regards to such operations.  I have been involved in numerous cases giving depositions, trial testimony, and providing expert reports.

I have worked on rigs and have been the site supervisor for rig workovers.  I am well familiar with the equipment involved in this case. This includes the workover rigs themselves as well as the use of weight indicators. I have worked on fishing operations as well as many other rig activities. I am well familiar with safety procedures. One of my main tasks as a company man for Chevron was to ensure that operations were being done in a safe manner. 

I have extensive experience in drilling. I have worked on drilling rigs, supervised rig activities, and planned new wells. I am familiar with all types of drilling equipment. The companies that I have worked with emphasized safety and maintaining a safe working environment. So, I know the safety issues that are involved with drilling. I have worked on various cases including writing expert reports, providing depositions, and giving trial testimony.

I have spent extensive time working with developing new wells and oil field construction projects. With my work, I have had to purchase all types of oil field pipes. This includes drill pipe, well casing, production tubulars, and line pipe. I had to be familiar with market and pricing trends in the oil and gas piping business in order to develop good project cost estimates. I have written expert reports, given depositions, and provided trial testimony for numerous cases related to the oil industry.

I am a Petroleum Engineer with over 30 years of experience.  I have supervised many well workovers activities as the company man on location.  So, I have expertise on the duties of the company man as well as the other parties at a well site.  I am also well aware of the proper safety procedures that should be employed while doing oil/gas well work. I have worked on many cases and have written expert reports, provided depositions, and given trial testimony.

I am an engineer with over 30 years of experience working with pipelines. I have dealt with oil, gas, chemical, and water pipelines. I have designed and overseen pipeline construction. I’ve also supervised pipeline maintenance work. I have worked with drilling operations in urban settings to install new pipelines. I understand the proper procedures and safety issues that must be addressed in order to successfully install pipelines or other underground conduits. I have been involved with cases dealing with improper pipeline construction as well as explosions causing injuries. I have been retained in the past to determine the cause and origin of explosions. In all, I have provided expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony in numerous cases around the country.


BSChemical/Petroleum EngineeringUniversity of Southern California

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