Oil Energy Industry Expert 435828

Expertise Description

I have more than 35 years experience in the mid and downstream energy business working for major oil companies. I started my career in refinery process engineering and progressed to financial analysis and strategic planning for the downstream businesses. I led commercial trading and distribution operations, directing regional crude oil supply and distribution for a 150 million barrel per year network in the distribution of gasoline, jet, and diesel fuels. As President and CEO for small petrochemical business, I led the construction start-up and operation of a $215 Million plant in the United States with an International Joint Venture partner. As President of a large fuel retail business, I had responsibility for domestic franchise and company gas station and C-Store operations as well as an International C-Store Franchise consisting of 700 franchisees, 3000 convenience stores, and $3 billion in annual revenue. Currently, through my company, I provide consulting services in the Petroleum Refining and Marketing business. I have been called upon as a consultant and expert witness for franchise business disputes, gas Station-C Store Facilities’ Standard of Care, Insurance fraud, wrongful terminations, fuel pricing, business valuation, and franchising. My work as an energy industry expert witness for over 5 years includes providing consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My experience includes case work involving gasoline pricing, franchising, insurance fraud, business valuation and injuries from slips, falls & burns. I have testified in State and Federal courts as well as in numerous depositions and have been accepted as an expert by the courts in the above mentioned disciplines. My services as an expert witness and consultant have been contracted in 17 cases over the past 6 years.

Consulting Experience

My consulting experience includes leading executive team management on two separate and unrelated engagements for the purchase and transition of operation for two regional petrochemical refineries along with distribution and retail marketing assets. I have also led engagements in the area of valuation of large networks of retail assets for Purchase and Sale. I have also consulted in the arena of strategic planning for a Fortune 200 firm interested in entering the Gas Station and C-Store Market with their cash handling, back office and point of sale systems.

Relevant Experiences

I have provided expert testimony in the area of Gas Station and Convenience Store Operations with specific emphasis on Standard of Care.  I have also worked extensively in the area of fuel spills at retail facilities associated with equipment malfunction and operator failures to execute appropriate standard of care. I have direct operating expertise and familiarity with Trade Industry publications.

I have testified in deposition for numerous cases in slips and falls on sites. I not only have direct expertise and knowledge of safety procedures on site from my work as VP Operations for Gas Station Retail but I have extensive industry documentation on proper care at site level to prevent slips and falls from API, NACS and various other industry organizations.


M.B.A. Finance Drexel University
B.S. Chemical Engineering Cornell University