Orthopedics Expert 520016 FL

Expertise Description

My career in the field of Orthopedics has spanned more than 5 years with a specific expertise in Sports Medicine. I have additional experience in treatments for acute and overuse musculoskeletal problems, chronic problems such as osteoarthritis, and the treatment and prevention of both medical illness and orthopedic injury. I have also spent time as an orthopedics expert witness in Florida by providing consultations, as well as courtroom testimony and deposition.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

I work at an orthopedic center for excellence in Miami. Daily, I see patients with musculoskeletal injuries of all kinds. Some of the patients are athletic injuries and others are from falls or automobile crashes. I see shoulder and elbow patients regularly. This includes examining them, X-rays, MRI’s, coming up with their diagnosis and their treatment plan.

My training is in family medicine, with a fellowship in sports medicine/orthopedics. I handle the non-operative patients for all body parts.


Degree Subject Institution
M.D. Sackler School of Medicine
B.A. Molecular Biology and Genetics Cornell University

Licenses Certifications

Board Certified in Sports Medicine
Board Certified in Family Medicine

Awards & Affiliation

American Academy of Family Physician
American College of Sports Medicine
American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Residency Research Award – University of Kansas Hospital
Professionalism in Residency Award Nominee – KU School of Medicine

Primary Affiliation

American Academy of Family Physician