Parachutes And Skydiving Expert 368147 CA(N)

Expertise Description

I have more than 25 years experience in Parachuting, Skydiving and Parachute Rigging. I have been granted Expert Teaching Credentials in all areas of instruction including Tandem Examiner, Aff Evaluator, and Coach course director. I am a master parachute rigger per FAA guidelines. I have over 13,000 total jumps and over 11,000 jumps as a skydiving teacher in skydiving operations. I have been the owner of a skydiving school for over 11 years, have packed over 1,400 emergency parachutes, and have 0 losses. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise



Licenses Certifications

Master License D
Advance License C
Intermediate License B
Basic License A

Awards & Affiliation

Primary Affiliation

United States Parachute Association

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