Antitrust attorneys

Major companies are involved in various important technological patent litigation cases requiring highly specialized experts working along top Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation attorneys. These cases often arise when brands are competing in the technology space. Since many technical products are built on the shoulders of previous technology and designs, the line between innovation and infringement can, at times, blur.

For example, companies may employ similar technology when designing smartphones since smartphones are all aimed at basically serving a similar set of needs. It can often become convoluted when similar technologies are being employed by different brands. Therefore patent infringement cases can occur. As such, the news is regularly replete with cases determining who can profit from ideas and innovations. Intellectual property cases often demand a high-stakes intellectual battle, with experts on both sides prepared to make strong cases.

Patent infringement cases in the technology sector often require highly specialized experts in the type of technology in question. These areas of expertise might include computer hardware, software, electronics, internet, telecommunications, ecommerce or a variety of other niches. Experts can give clear and concise descriptions of complex inventions and can help a judge or jury decide if patent infringement has occurred.

Patent law can be complex and varies from country to country. In the United States, after receiving a patent, an inventor is given the exclusive right to stop others from using, making or selling that invention without express consent. Patents usually last 20 years from their filing date. Since there is no such thing as a worldwide patent, companies accused of infringement in one country can still sell their product in other parts of the world.

Since the stakes are high, it is important for legal teams to find not only an expert with the proper background, but who also possesses the communication skills necessary to build a stronger case. In finding the proper expert witness, litigators should examine such qualifications as the expert’s education, industry experience, history of publishing and record of prior testimony. An expert witness referral organization can help match a legal team with the proper patent infringement expert witness.