Payment Care Technology Expert 507651 PA

Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years experience in the Card Technology and Payments industry with expertise in developing and implementing payment systems, primarily prepaid. I have worked in and for banks, payment networks, transit authorities, toll collecting agencies, university, telephone companies, and a wide variety of retailers that sell prepaid products. I have experience with program design and management, processor selection, virtual programs, including RFID, NFC, bar code, mag stripe, smart cards and others when used in payment system implementations. I have over 20 years expert witness experience with consultation, deposition, and court testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Relevant Experiences

My background includes claims construction work on a CBM for using cards to access consumer checking accounts via the ACH, commonly called de-coupled debit in the payments industry.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Finance University of Florida
B.S. Chemistry University of Florida