Pesticides Expert Witness FL 0100472

Expertise Description

I have over 35 years of experience in pesticides/environmental protection. My area of focus lies in pest control and agriculture as it pertains to the environment. I am familiar with pesticides; entomology; inspections and responses to uses/misuses; fertilizers; agricultural environmental services and procedures; pesticide applicator licenses; investigations; training policies. I have almost a year of consulting experience after recently retiring from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. I am offering my services as a pesticides expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

Licenses Certifications

Certified Public Manager
Florida Real Estate License
Incident Command System Training Completion and certificate for ICS -402
Pest Control ID cardholder
LSU academy of Counter-Terorist Education-Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents-Operations Level

Awards & Affiliation

Association of American Plant Food Control Officials
Fertilizer Program and Labeling Committees
Commercial Feed Technical council
Seed Investigation and Conciliation Council
Seed Technical Council

Primary Affiliation

Association of American Plant Food Control Officials