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Pharmaceutical Expert WitnessesWhen people think of pharmaceuticals, they may think of a pharmacy where one can buy prescription drugs, or of a pharmacist, the trained healthcare professional who prepares and dispenses those drugs.

However, in general, a pharmaceutical is anything related to pharmacies or pharmacists—although it is especially relevant to the drugs, medicines, and other physician-prescribed treatments that they sell.

Pharmaceuticals, and some pharmaceutical expert witnesses, are also related to the science, preparation, and production of medicines, which encompasses the pharmaceutical industry and the drug manufacturers.

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs for use as prescriptions. These can be generic or brand medications and medical devices.

Pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs are heavily regulated.

Primary concerns are intellectual property, product testing and safety, and the marketing concerning the drug and its uses.

Our expert witnesses are called upon to consult with law firms when drugs and medical devices are not properly tested before they are sold. Individuals may suffer from severe side effects, and in many cases will bring lawsuits against drug makers and device manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical expert witnesses from ForensisGroup are experienced with the procedures and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These professionals lend their expertise in many types of cases, including design defect, marketing defect, and manufacturing defect claims.

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