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Expertise Description

I have more than 35 years of experience in the field of Materials Science with expertise in packaging, materials technology, business development, operations management, strategic planning and R&D working for resin producers, converters and food companies. I have a very broad knowledge base having worked in the areas of: R&D, Sales, Technical Services, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, and intellectual property. I have developed marketing plans for the use of biopolymers for wound care, cosmetic formulation, non-woven applications and latex emulsions for paper and film substrates. I have extensive knowledge of Plastics Materials, Rheology, Morphology, and Plastics Processing Technologies. I have prior expert witness experience with consultation and deposition.

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Relevant Experiences

I have been involved for over 15 years in the flexible packaging field, working as a researcher and Director of Research for two major food packaging companies. I have been heavily involved in the formulation of bag and bag materials for UV and weathering markets for utility bags. I understand the formulation and requirements for the manufacture, design and fabrication of such bags. I also have participated in the processing of the materials for this type of bag and the subsequent bag manufacturing steps. As such, I am considered an expert in the materials and method of manufacture of bags. I also understand the analytical methods and tests required to determine if materials meet the specifications needed for outdoor UV exposure.

I am an expert in the area of plastics and plastics packaging having worked across a broad spectrum of the supply chain which is involved in packaging for supermarkets, fast food, packer processors, convenience and take out containers. I have worked on the materials, processes and designs for containers which are found throughout the supply chain. While I was Manager of Plastics packaging for a major soup company I was responsible for directing the design, and manufacture of over 200 new packages yearly for my 5 year tenure . While at a leading chemical company I was involved in the design of the commodity plastics resins used for food containers. I hold US patents in packaging, processes and materials for packaging. While at a major company for vacuum sealed food, I worked directly with Supermarket Chains throughout the United State on new packaging concepts and designs. I have worked with Club stores such as Walmart and Costco on proprietary containers for their use. While at a large microwavable packaging company I worked with distributors in the food service area.

Finally, I have worked with fast food companies such as Red Lobster and McDonalds to produce mass markets food take out containers. I am very knowledgeable in the design and processes used to produce and manufacture these containers such as injection molding and thermoforming.

I am a Plastics Processing expert with broad experience in injection molding. Throughout my lifetime I have been a student of the injection molding process starting with my first job working for Irvin Rubin the well known author of the injection molding “bible” textbook. I worked for Robinson Plastics in mold and tooling design supervising the construction of tool globally.
While a technical service engineer at Celanese I was a trouble shooter for the technical service department for injection molding.
I have a background in the development of inaction molding compounds including rubber compounds for shoe soles while working in R&D at Arco Polymers. This work included investigations and optimization of the injection molding process for RTV’s.
My background in Intellectual Property is significant as I hold over 15 US and Foreign Patents.


Degree Subject Institution
B.S. Plastics and Industrial Systems New Jersey Institute of Technology