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Expertise Description

I have more than 30 years experience in the field of Plastic Surgery with expertise in an active research program related to skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve physiology as it relates to reconstructive surgery. I have experience with the biomechanical pathophysiology of ventral hernias. I have performed a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, including the reconstruction of patients with facial paralysis, chronic wounds, the management of difficult wounds, the management of patients after weight loss, and the management of defects resulting from the excision of sarcomas and other forms of cancer. I have also performed a large number of gender-related procedures. I have over 15 years expert witness experience with consultation and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Experiences

My professional experience includes Professor of Plastic Surgery, Research Associate Professor, and Attending Surgeon in a Plastic and Reconstructive Department. I have prior experience as Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant Research Scientist, Assistant Professor, Attending Physician, Emergency Consultant for Plastic Surgery, and Clinical Assistant.  

Relevant Experiences

My Ph.D. is in Exercise Sciences and my area of scientific expertise is muscle mechanics. In my clinical practice of plastic surgery, I have over twenty years of experience performing reconstructive surgery for patients with traumatic injuries of all kinds, including motor vehicle accidents.

I am currently the Professor of Plastic Surgery at a top-ranked university. I completed my Plastic Surgery training in 1991 and did an additional year of microsurgical fellowship training before joining the faculty of the university in 1992. I have performed gender-confirming-surgery of all kinds, including both MTF and FTM ‘bottom’ or genital reassignment surgery, since 1995. Because GCS does not comprise 100% of my clinical practice, I have performed fewer procedures than some of the ‘big name’ surgeons in this area and I have performed far fewer phalloplasties than vaginoplasties. I would estimate that I have done 25-50 phalloplasties over 20 years (1 or 2 a year until recently). That said, I have served as a visiting professor at multiple universities, have served on panels at numerous professional meetings, and I have even served as a consultant to the Pentagon on the topic of gender confirming surgery so I am a visible expert in this area of clinical care.


F.R.C.S.(C)Plastic SurgeryUniversity of Toronto Department of Surgery
Ph.D.Exercise ScienceUniversity of Toronto Department of Community Health
M.Sc.Medical ScienceUniversity of Toronto Institute of Medical Science
M.D.University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Licenses Certifications

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Medical License: Ontario
Canada; MI
Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Awards & Affiliation

World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
American College of Sports Medicine
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American Surgical Association

Primary Affiliation

American Surgical Association

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