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Expertise Description

I have more than 45 years of commercial, industrial, and university experience in all aspects of plastic and polymer materials, plastic part design, tool design, and plastics processing. I have served as a plastics engineering Expert Witness in more than 25 cases, many of which have required deposition or trial testimony to be given. I am the founder and Principal Researcher of a plastics company, which consists of highly skilled plastic, chemical, and mechanical engineers who have performed consulting and research services to a variety of industries over the last 20 years.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

The majority of the cases of which I have served as an expert witness in the past have been for plastic part/product failure or patent infringement/trade secrets. As an example of a product failure, a child was irreparably injured on a set of plastic drawers that were manufactured incorrectly. I worked with the family’s legal team in determining what went wrong with the design of the plastic drawers. In another situation, a person was injured in a hardware store by a defective plastic bottle of wood stripper that fell into his eye while reaching for a product. The man was a surgeon, who lost his eyesight in this accident. The bottle of stripper was not packaged appropriately for its contents. These are just a small sampling of the cases I have worked on. I have also served as an expert witness in a variety of patent/trade cases involving packaging technologies for many products from baby food to oxygen tanks to home brew dispensing systems. I have worked on many cases of new product design patents being replicated by competitors. Most recently, I served as an expert witness to a well-known company making wristbands that track steps, sleep patterns, calories burned, etc. The company was being accused of patent infringement. I was able to determine based on the design, technology, and patents of both the product in question and the competing product that this was not accurate, winning the case against infringement.

Consulting Experience

I have been consulting for over 30 years and 20 years ago founded a plastics company to grow a team of experts in the plastics industry. Since then, we have expanded into mechanical and structural analysis, computer aided engineering, and developed radiant tube inserts to create energy efficiency in gas-fired furnaces. I have worked with companies all over the world, of all sizes and in all industries to develop and design new products and technologies or to modify existing products. I have a full testing lab at my research center and can perform an array of material testing, processing, and compounding services. This has been a benefit to have in-house both for current clients and for expert witness cases that require additional testing or research.

Professional Experiences

I worked as an engineer at various levels for about 16 years post-graduation. Starting at an oil company, my role in the engineering department grew extensively before I moved on to another company as the Manager of Engineering. From there I moved into a role at a different corporation as a Program Manager. In 1988, I took a Professor position at a university, developing a strong Plastics Engineering Department. I have held the title of Professor Emeritus and continue to research and offer assistance in publications.


Degree Subject Institution
Doctorate of Engineering Plastics Engineering University of Massachusetts Lowel
B.S. Chemical Engineering University of Detroit

Awards & Affiliation

National Certification Committee
Local Scholarship Committee
ABET Committee (National)
Plastics Engineers Certification Committee
Society of Plastics Engineers

Primary Affiliation

Society of Plastics Engineers