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Police and penal expert witnessesThe police are the recognized, official force tasked with maintaining public order, addressing crime, and enforcing the law, regulations, and ordinances of the particular government subdivision.

Police and penal expert witnesses from ForensisGroup’s highly qualified selection have many years of experience in law enforcement. Most have served as police officers and department instructors. Our experts have supervisory experience, as well. These former law enforcement officers have taught and managed search and rescue teams, firearms, firearms safety, hostage negotiations, crime scene tactics, and investigations of homicide, robbery, burglary, and other felonies. These experts have conducted and trained other officers in interrogation techniques, forensics, ballistics, risk management, emergency management, and incident command.

Some of our police expert witnesses have served as federal law enforcement officers and in the military police, with expertise in maritime operations and security, search & rescue, customs enforcement, incident management, and officer safety and survival.

In similar fashion, our expert witnesses in correctional and penal systems are experienced with prisons and community-based programs, such as parole and probation involving the punishment, treatment, and supervision of individuals who have been convicted of a crime. They are experienced in correctional facility operations, including facilities such as maximum, medium, and minimum facilities, detention centers, and jails. They have assisted counsel with issues of interpretation of correctional facility policies and procedures.

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In the event that you are unable to locate a suitable police and penal expert witness within our vetted group, please take the time to fill out and Submit An Expert Request Form. You may also contact our office by calling us at 1-800-555-5422. Once we have found a suitable expert, you will be provided with a free initial consultation. It is also important to note that our experts do not pay a fee to be listed, which allows us to recruit each expert based only the results of a rigorous screening process. Call our office today to be connected with a respected and credible police and penal expert witness.


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