Cruise voyagePollution experts monitor industries that risk producing and releasing pollution into groundwater, fresh water, and oceans. Pollutants can have devastating health and environmental consequences resulting in litigation.

In a recent case, Princess Cruise Lines will pay a $40M fine for “deliberate pollution of the seas and intentional acts to cover it up.” An engineer on the Caribbean Princess revealed that the ship discharged approximately 4,000 gallons of oil contaminated waste off the coast of England in 2013. The ensuing Department of Justice investigation found that Princess illegally dumped contaminated waste and oil from its Caribbean Princess ship for eight years.

That investigation determined that particular ship – which also visited approximately a dozen U.S. ports – had been illegally discharging oily waste since 2005 through an illegal “magic pipe.”  Key ship personnel concealed the pollution by falsifying the ship’s oil record book, a required log regularly inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard in port.

In addition to using a bypass pipe to circumvent required pollution prevention equipment, the Caribbean Princess and four sister ships engaged in other offenses.  They used sea water to prevent alarms from sounding when too much oil was being discharged overboard.  And, they discharged oily bilge water when graywater tanks overflowed in the engine room.  Meanwhile, their false entries and omissions in the oil record book covered up the pollution.

Let’s be very clear — Princess engaged in exceptionally serious criminal offenses.  It deliberately violated the international law regime designed to make sure that our precious oceans are protected.

Pollution experts are experienced in analyzing data regarding chemical spills, contamination, and illegal dumping charges such as those brought against Princess Cruise Lines. These experts include chemical engineers, chemists, and other professions knowledgeable in the detection and control of pollution. Hiring the most qualified pollution expert witness with the specific education and experience your case demands is critical to a successful outcome.