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Expertise Description

I have over 45 years of diverse Law Enforcement and Security experience developed as a Police Chief, Olympic Games Security Administrator, Probation Chief, Undersheriff, Police & Fire Academy Director and Dean of Administration of Justice and Fire Science. I am the innovator of the company Intelligence Based Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (IBIS2) a patented state-of-the-art technology platform designed to preempt violence and reject criminals from entry into venues. IBIS2 is implemented in: Sports & entertainment venues, schools, businesses, government & military facilities, casinos, cruise ships, hospitals, custody environments & large residential complexes. With over 20 years of consulting and expert witness testimony incorporating administrative and operational standards, I have testified successfully in State, Federal and Tribal Court. The diversity of my background and clear communication style make me an essential resource for maximizing your success in Police and Security Practices cases.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes: Corrections and probation administrative and operational standards; Practices and Operations in State, Federal, and Tribal court; Standards in negligent hiring, training, retention, and supervision; Best practices standards; Policy and operational standards; Training and disciplinary standards regarding use of force, driver training, and officer on/off duty conduct; Tribal Police operation standards, best practices, and staffing studies; Police information management systems; Officer disciplinary investigations and hearings; Performance evaluations; Premises: foreseeability of harm audits and mitigation measures; master planning for preemptive security systems; threat assessment vulnerability; Positional restraint asphyxia; Security administrative and operational best practices; Sports and Special Event: management and crowd control; access management and parking control; police / security coordination; and violence mitigation standards.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include attorney consultation, case review and analysis, security audits, investigations and site inspections, report research, security audits & trend analysis, deposition and trial testimony.

Relevant Experiences

I am a graduate of a Highway Patrol Emergency Operations Course. Subsequently, I trained police officers in emergency vehicle operations, including pursuits. Additionally, during my career of 38 years+ in five law enforcement agencies, I have been involved in numerous vehicle pursuits culminating in felony stops.

As a former Chief Probation Officer in a mid-sized county, I have had close contact with both Parole and probation services standards of best practices and the laws associated with them. Additionally, as a Chief of Police I had ongoing involvement with Federal Parolees in my jurisdictions, which included Federal and state enclaves. I was also responsible for death investigations in an adult and juvenile confinement facility on a Federal enclave.

In my capacity as a Chief of Police, I managed a full-service police department where all of my officers including myself were sworn Federal, State and Tribal Officers. We managed large special events and gatherings on an ongoing basis which may translate to this case.

As a former director of California’s police academies, I am intimately familiar with the responsibility of law enforcement to reasonably make accommodations for persons with disabilities under the law. Additionally, as a chief executive officer, I have direct experience in the application of employer responsibility for the implementation of learning disabilities’ training.

I have over 28 years of expert witness experience where my case load continues to be 60% defense and 40% plaintiffs in Police and Security Practices. As Security Administrator for the Los Angeles Olympic Games of the 23rd Olympiad, I had direct experience for the hiring, training, deployment and supervision of 21,000 private security guards who were deployed at 3 athlete villages, 38 venues and competition sites and the athlete transportation system for over 8,000 athletes from 148 countries. Additionally, I owned and operated a licensed private security company at the conclusion of the Olympic Games which secured post-Olympic Games’ athletes in competition after the Games, as well as providing VIP protection for athletes, coaches and foreign dignitaries. I have testified in Federal, State, and Tribal Court on numerous occasions involving Private Security Best Practices and Standards. I have also done several cases in Texas.

Having 38 years+ experience in law enforcement at the state, federal, municipal and tribal levels, I have experience in the protocols and procedures for traffic stops. In addition, as a line officer, police academy director, and chief administrator, I have taught protocols and formulated policies for agencies. Succinctly, a line officer’s experience in conducting a vehicle stop where drugs are suspected meets mandatory state training requirements and proficiency levels, which are universal to all states. 
As a former resident of Tacoma, Washington, I am familiar with the Washington State Highway Patrol and have sat on committees for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) with the Director of the Washington State Highway Patrol whom I know in my professional experience. Additionally, I know that his policies and procedures regarding these issues are consistent with the policies and procedures in this subject area advocated by the IACP.

Having done numerous cases in Florida I am familiar with law enforcement and security standards and practices in Florida where I operate a startup company and have extended family.

Over a 35-year period, I have done numerous cases regarding Police and Security Practices involving crowd management and crowd control, which are two distinctly different disciplines that are regrettably discussed interchangeably. Beginning as an original member of the San Jose Police Tactical Unit, a 168-member team that was deployed during the 1960’s student protest era to Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and Stanford, where we served with distinction. In my career, I have been involved in crowd demonstrations, beginning as a line officer, then a Police Tactical Unit Member as a Pepper Fogger Operator, Trainer, Security Planner and Writer, and as a Police Chief, approving crowd control operations. I have testified numerous times in crowd control and management cases. I am certified in all levels of National Incident Management Systems, (NIMS) and have worked numerous demonstrations, crime scenes, and special events. I own a corporation IBIS2 using 26 consultants with Special Event and Law Enforcement experience, which deployed on July 11th, 2017 for the MLB All Star Game.


B.A.Public ServiceUniv. of San Francisco
M.A.Secondary EducationUniv. of San Francisco

Licenses Certifications

California POST Basic – Intermediate – Advanced Supervisory & Executive Credentials
Arizona POST Executive Credential
Jail Management Certification from the California State Department of Corrections
California Lifetime Teaching Credential
California Community College Supervisory Credential
Certified Restraint Instructor
Law Enforcement Incident Command Systems Certifications ICS-100-800
Shotokan 3rd Degree (Sandan) Blackbelt

Awards & Affiliation

International Association of Chiefs of Police
American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

Primary Affiliation

American Society for Industrial Security