Expert 500441 - CT

Expertise Description

I have more than 20 years experience in the field of Finance with expertise in private equity, alternative asset management and investment banking. I have extensive experience making investments in equity and debt in publicly traded and private companies in the US and internationally. I also have extensive public and private equity investment experience in emerging markets including India, Israel, Central Europe and Latin America, and public and private company board experience. I have prior expert witness experience.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

I have testified as an expert witness in an arbitration involving private equity industry practice, and have testified before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (London).

Consulting Experience

I am an Advisor to shareholders and management of several private companies.

Professional Experiences

I am the Founder of an alternative investments and advisory firm, as well as Partner for a securities firm.

Relevant Experiences

Through my experiences as an investment banker, I am very familiar with valuation techniques and steps involved in the sale of a company.
I am a registered representative with FINRA Series 7, 63 and 79 qualifications – current private equity investor and investment banker affiliated with broker dealers.
I have board experience with private and public companies – currently a director of prominent finance company which has publicly traded bonds.
I have a master’s degree in engineering.
I have extensive experience as an investor in business process outsourcing companies.

My professional experience includes every aspect of a wide range of non traded and traded investment vehicles. These include limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), business development companies (BDCs), subchapter S corporations, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), REITs and closed end mutual funds. I have been involved in structuring, marketing, documenting and managing many of these kinds of vehicles. I also have extensive experience with a wide range of private placements of securities and am currently a registered representative of a broker dealer (Series 7, 63 and 79) and am familiar with FINRA rules relating to advertising and communications with the public. My extensive investment experience with both public and private investments is directly relevant to the assessment of the investment risk characteristics of non-traded DPPs and REITs.

I have extensive experience with all aspects of establishing, documenting and managing private equity funds and the general partner of those funds. I currently own and manage the general partner of several private equity investment vehicles. As such I have direct experience investing in an established general partner entity of a private equity firm.

My experience as an expert witness includes a case that involved a dispute between members of the general partner of a private equity fund and the owners of the management company.


Degree Subject Institution
M.B.A. Finance Columbia University
M.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Cape Town
B.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Cape Town