Product Design Patent Expert Witness CA(N) 324662

Expertise Description

I have over 50 years experience as a product designer, manufacturing executive, and consulting mechanical engineer. I have litigation experience with patent infringement, patent analysis, trade secrets, contract disputes, physical deconstruction and analysis; product liability; fraud; and class action. My expertise includes computers and disk drives; cryogenics and heat transfer; electrical equipment; electronics manufacturing; engineering and manufacturing management; fluid machinery; lasers and optics; machine design; metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics; mechanical engineering; medical and scientific instruments; and stress and vibration. I have more than 20 years expert witness experience with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

My expert witness experience includes Patent infringement; Patent analysis: utility and design, U.S. and several foreign; Patent-portfolio review; Patent-claim construction; Prior-art research; Trade secrets; Contract dispute; Manufacturing and engineering custom and practice; Physical deconstruction and analysis; Product liability; Fraud; Class action.

Consulting Experience

My consulting services include engineering & manufacturing – developed and introduced to production the first mass-produced product to use the doide laser; client management, analyzed manufacturing yield; designed plastic submersible pump; designed ultrasonically-welded plastic cassettes for analytical gel; surveyed operations of plant fabricating heavy steel structures.

Relevant Experiences

My background is in mechanical design and manufacturing. I have designed and developed plastic parts made by injection molding and extrusion and I have been employed by a manufacturer of plastic extrusions. As an employee of a manufacturer of mining machinery, I have inspected copper mines in Arizona and I have been consulted by a company performing electroplating of large parts. I am experienced in applying adhesives and sealants, technologies related to the patent.

I have supervised the design of hundreds of products and prepared or reviewed thousands of design and manufacturing drawings. I have managed a machine shop and a complete manufacturing department.

For the last three decades, I have been an independent engineer, consulting in product design and manufacturing. As part of my practice, I have served as an expert witness in more than 100 litigation cases, mostly about patents. I have testified at deposition more than 30 times and at hearing or trial, including over 15 jury trials.

My relevant experience includes design and manufacturing supervision of instruments for concrete placement. I have designed equipment for use with drilling “mud,” a substance similar to liquid concrete. I have designed truck trailers and their auxiliary systems, recreational trailers, scooters and other vehicles, and engine systems for heavy trucks. I have designed pumps as well as construction machinery and tools. In my student days I worked in construction of a multi-story factory building of poured concrete. One of my patent cases concerned concrete blocks.


Master of ScienceMechanical EngineeringCalifornia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of ScienceEngineeringCalifornia Institute of Technology

Licenses Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer – California
Registered Professional Engineer (inactive) – Illinois and Texas
Certified Management Consultant (inactive) – Institute of Management Consultants
Commercial pilot
land and sea-Federal Aviation Administration Cert.

Awards & Affiliation

R&D Magazine: R&D 100 Annual Awards Judge

Primary Affiliation

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Partial List of Consulting Expert Witness Cases