Product Liability Lawsuit Expert WitnessesOn June 11, 2019, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that a multinational conglomerate company will face product liability allegations in its failure to warn of the dangers of inhaling coke oven emissions. The appellate court said that coke ovens built for steel producers to burn coal can be considered “products” and therefore are subject to product liability lawsuits. A steelworker at the Allied Chemical Corporation plant died of cancer following exposure to coke oven emissions. The appellate court denied the defendants request to dismiss the product liability complaint.  

In 1985, Allied Chemical merged with the Signal Companies to become AlliedSignal. The company acquired the multinational conglomerate company in 1999 and adopted its name. This company manufactures commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems.  In 2017, the company reported earnings of $1.93B with annual revenue of $40.53B.  

In How a Coke Plant Works  (October 4, 2018), author Baraa Ashour explains: 

The main use of coke is to make iron. The burning of coal to coke produces carbon monoxide. A touch at the bottom of the furnace allows impurities to flow out of the furnace. This, coupled with the fact that many harmful impurities come from heating the coal is the reason why there is so much pollution that comes from the creation of coke. 

The emissions created in a coke plant are comprised of dust, vapors, and gases that typically include carcinogens.  

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